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How Are Spiders Getting In My Home?

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spider on a piece of wood

Spiders are creepy crawly pests that no one wants infesting their home; whether it’s their long legs, their beady eyes, or the fact that they can crawl around so quickly, most people are quite frightened by these pests and want to get them out of their home as soon as possible. Though spiders can be beneficial by eating the other insects inside your home, for most people the benefits just don’t outweigh the creep-factor. In the summer months, spider populations increase which means you’ll likely spot even more of these frightening pests in your Lewisville home this season!

As the weather gets warmer, spiders will begin seeking shelter from the heat in cool, dark corners, under rocks, and inside your home. These spiders can gain access to your home several ways; one of the most common ways spiders enter homes is through any holes, cracks or openings in your home including around the foundation, through windows and doors, or around any pipes or wires coming in or out of the house. Another way spiders get inside our homes is by being transported in. They may hitch a ride inside on your pets, the laundry you hung out to dry, in plants or wood from the wood pile, or even on you, your kids, or their toys!

Here are a few precautions you can take to help keep spiders out of your Lewisville home:

  • Check for spiders before bringing things inside from outdoors to inadvertently bringing them into your home.
  • Replace worn screens in windows and doors to be sure the spline is tight and there are no holes.
  • Caulk or patch any openings around doors and windows as well as any cracks in the siding or foundation of your home.
  • Place weather stripping around doors, including under the garage door.
  • Put screens or steel wool in any pipes or vents around any openings for utilities or outlets.
  • Here are some additional steps you can take inside your home to deter spiders from invading:
  • Clean your home frequently and remove any cobwebs from the corners of your home.
  • Declutter your garage and basement to reduce the places where spiders could hide.
  • Trim back any shrubbery away from the exterior of your home.
  • Reduce moisture levels in your basement and attic.

Spiders are attracted to homes that provide them with plentiful food sources, and since spiders primarily feed on other insects, having a heavy spider presence in your home is often an indication that other insect pests have invaded your home as well; if this is the case, professional pest control will be necessary to eliminate the pests inside your home.

At Adams Exterminating Company, we offer several year-round prevention programs to help keep eliminate spiders in your Lewisville home. We can help you choose which of put programs will work best for both your pest control needs and your budget, and work to eliminate your pest problem! Contact the Lewisville pest control professionals at Adams Exterminating Company for more information on our year-round pest prevention programs!

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