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All You Need To Know About The Drain Flies In Lewisville

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Are you seeing tiny flies lingering around your kitchen sink? Do they look like fruit flies but don't act like fruit flies? Have you put out fruit fly traps, but you are not able to catch any of them? If so, you may be dealing with a drain fly infestation.

Drain flies are small pests that usually live in the drains of sinks or showers in homes or businesses. They are small, (usually less than 1 centimeter in length), and have short hairs that cover their bodies. These hairs give the flies a “furry” appearance, which is why they are often referred to as “moth flies." They lay eggs in drains and reproduce very quickly, so an infestation can start without you even noticing. Knowing how to identify and treat an infestation can help you keep annoying pests out of your Lewisville home.

How A Drain Fly Infestation Starts

A common question people have about these insects is: “What causes drain flies?” Drain flies feed on microorganisms that are often found on the sides of drains and pipes, so they inhabit those spaces. They reproduce and lay their eggs in groups of 30 to 100 inside drains. These eggs hatch within 48 hours, so infestation begins very quickly, and they multiply rapidly. You may ask, “How long do drain flies live?” The lifespan of a drain fly is anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, so they have plenty of time to reproduce, creating infestations incredibly fast. The grime inside drains and pipes contains the bacteria and other microorganisms that drain flies feed on, and they usually live on this grime or any other debris inside a drain. Keeping your drain clean is a good way to prevent drain flies from moving in and starting an infestation.  

How Do I Get Rid Of Drain Flies?

Many people believe that simply pouring bleach, drain cleaner, or some other cleaning solution down the drain once is enough to kill drain flies. This is simply not the case however, as all of the flies don’t die from the chemicals. The cleaners can remove particles and other food sources from the drain, but the flies may just move to another drain, or wait for more food to come down. Drain flies don’t really cause any harm to humans, as they don’t carry diseases with them, but they are still a very big nuisance to have flying around your home, which is why most people get rid of them.
Though there are methods to try to get rid of drain flies on your own, these are often ineffective, and can even be dangerous. The best way to get rid of drain flies from your Lewisville home permanently is to contact the professionals at Adams Exterminating Company.

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