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How Much Do You Really Know About Springtails In Lewisville?

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Springtail crawling on a tile floor.

Traditionally, colder temperatures equal a decisive reduction in pest activity. All of the common pests people know of such as mosquitoes, ticks, and stinging insects are nowhere to be seen, which is a good thing. However, did you know there are some pests that remain active throughout the winter? One such pest is the Springtail.

Springtails, which are also called snow fleas, are little hexapods that remain active in the winter thanks to a protein within their body. Despite their alternative name, these pests are not fleas. They get this name due to sharing a similar jumping ability observed in traditional fleas. This pest can be noticed in the snow easily. In large groups, they resemble ash or pepper due to the contrast in colors between their bodies and the surrounding snow.

Large Numbers Invade

Fortunately, despite their activity levels all year round, this pest is merely a nuisance. During the warmer months, they can be observed hanging around pools that have nearby vegetation, AC unit drain lines, and any other area containing moisture. In winter, they prefer to emerge on sunny days wherever the snow has started to melt.

As a rule, it’s never just one or a few springtails. This pest operates within a large colony, especially after they locate an appropriate breeding area. Springtails do not harm the property or people since they only consume rotting plant food. However, their large numbers can make things frustrating and stressful for homeowners facing an infestation.

Keeping Springtails Out Of Your Lewisville Home

Surprisingly, for most people, this pest is a beneficial one since they eat the decaying organic matter found within the soil. This facilitates a better natural decomposition process. However, that doesn’t mean they belong indoors. Springtails are heavily attracted to moisture, which means their very presence could indicate moisture problems within the home.

Preventing an infestation from happening in the first place is the key to a pest-free home.

In the case of springtails, this is easily done by regularly inspecting the house for signs of moisture. While performing this inspection, it’s recommended to check on any entry points. If any entry points are discovered, make sure to seal them up to keep this pest out of the home. Keep in mind that their habit of traveling in large numbers makes normal removal efforts virtually impossible.

If you believe that springtails have already invaded, it’s best to contact pest management professionals to handle the problem. They will inspect the premises and identify if the pest in question is a springtail or another pest entirely. True removal of springtails requires an integrated solution designed to correct the problem now and prevent it from happening again in the future. 

Controlling The Springtail Population With Adams Exterminating Company

At Adams Exterminating Company, our mission is to ensure our customer’s homes are just as protected as our own. That’s why we consider our company to be like a family in both culture and practice. No matter if you’re experiencing rodents, dangerous insects, or nuisance pests, our team of pest control specialists in Lewisville has you covered. 
We offer three different programs designed with your needs and budget in mind so you can get the protection you deserve. Once you pick a plan, all that’s left is for us to get the job done.
Are you in need of springtail prevention services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional springtail control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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