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Is Your Denton Home At Risk For Brown Recluse Spiders?

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Spiders are an interesting pest. The majority of them here in America are nonlethal and simply nuisance pests. But, perhaps because of the few that pose major threats, we treat them all alike with fear and aversion. Brown recluse are one of these dangerous spiders you never want to find in your home. Here is why.

The Dangers of Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse are dark brown or tan spiders that can be most commonly identified by their violin-shaped pattern, grey hairs covering their bodies, and dark legs. Although brown recluse are not aggressive spiders, it is not hard to accidentally threaten one, especially if you are unaware of its presence. This is when they will bite.

A brown recluse bite is not only painful, but it can cause fever, chills, nausea, joint pain, swelling, rash, and (very rarely) seizures and comas.

Common Brown Recluse Attractants

Brown recluse spiders are attracted to homes for two main reasons, food and harborage. If your home’s exterior has an abundance of weeds and overgrowth, woodpiles, rocks, construction materials, or other places brown recluse can hide, you are inadvertently giving brown recluse the harborage they are looking for. These areas will draw brown recluse closer to your home and potentially inside.

If a brown recluse does invade, it will look for hiding areas inside your home. Common areas they will hide in include storage areas, basements, and other areas with clutter.

They will also search out other insects which they hunt for food. Some insects brown recluse commonly hunt include cockroaches, moths, flies, crickets, and sometimes other spiders.

Why Call Adams For Spiders

When spiders invade homes, it doesn’t matter if they are non-threatening or life-threatening, they are unwelcome. For this reason, Adams offers effective and reliable treatments to remove and exclude all spiders alike. If you are seeing brown recluse in your home, don’t risk your health. Call the professionals here at Adams Exterminating. We have the tools and training to deal with dangerous pests, and we would be happy to help you find freedom from yours.

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