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Are Fire Ants In Frisco, TX Dangerous?

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fire ants climbing over rock

It might be hard to believe this, but ants are a major health threat. Many people underestimate these bugs because they are all over the place, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

Like many insects, ants harbor illness-causing germs. If that wasn’t concerning enough, they can wreck your personal belongings and your Frisco home or business. The detrimental fire ant subspecies is prevailing in the region. Find out more about their risks and how you can combat them with a hand from Adams Exterminating Company. 

How Do Fire Ants Operate? What Are the Risks?

Fire ants are reddish-brown and 0.06 to 0.20 of an inch long. On their heads are two antennas, while their bottom half is finished with a black stinger. They run around on six legs. North American-based colonies can be dismantled by this foreign species. Dirt-covered areas openly exposed to the sun are hubs for these pests. You’ll find them in dry fields, residential lawns, and similar areas. Wooded zones, such as forests, are too shady to attract fire ants. Plant matter, landscaping, soil, and grass sod will be wrecked by the mounds they build in it.

Though fire ants favor natural settings, they’re too close by in the yard to not end up indoors. After working their way through cracks and crevices, they’ll settle in the kitchen. Of course, this is to have continual access to food. Some of the things they’ll eat are:

  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Sugary items
  • Grease 
  • Eggs from arthropods
  • Honeydew
  • Seeds

Insects and creatures, both living and dead, will also be consumed by fire ants. For example,  ticks, worms, spiders, birds, and rodents. When you consider their diet, their presence hints at an overall pest predicament. Trying to eliminate these bugs is far from easy; they procreate at mass very quickly. More than 100,000 members can be in one colony. On top of that, fire ants constantly reallocate and create nests.

A small percentage of fire ant bites result in fatalities, but encounters with them can still be dangerous. Don’t ever step on a mound; these bugs can and will strike in numbers. Should you be a victim, you’ll experience pain and burning sensations at the site. Scarring and skin inflammation will eventually occur. Seek medical attention right away if sweating, an allergic reaction, or nausea surfaces. Individuals with pre-existing conditions or allergies can have heightened effects. Kids and senior citizens might have more severe responses as well. An alkaloid venom will be injected by fire ants if they get to domestic animals. They use their sizable mandibles.

How Can You Prevent Fire Ants?

Remember that ants can get past small spaces. Staying on top of preventative methods to deter these insects is paramount. You can discourage them with these steps: 

  • Seal up gaps in windows, doors, foundations, and utilities.
  • Have moisture faults and leaks fixed immediately. 
  • Check door sweeps and window screens, and verify that they are in good condition. 
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean kitchen cabinets, countertops, and dishes. Go around appliances too.
  • Routinely vacuum rugs and remove garbage.
  • Use airtight canisters for food and trash.
  • Get up food spills promptly.   
  • Place wood and greenery two feet away from the property.  
  • Never put free wood, such as carpentry panels, on the soil. 

What Can Adams Exterminating Company Do About Fire Ants?

The best-case scenario with commercial pesticides is that a few bugs will die. Some shelf goods are toxic. To extinguish an infestation safely, contact us at Adams Exterminating Company. Our expert technicians will find susceptibilities and address them with industrial-grade treatments. We have specially designed exterior solutions for fire ants. Call today for a free estimate and get started on our effective home pest control.

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