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5 Reasons Why You're Attracting Fleas To Your Yard

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Fleas are miserable pests that can make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. They mercilessly feed on dogs and cats and also humans. But before those fleas get into your home, they come into your yard. If you understand how and why they come into your yard, you can reduce your chances of having a flea infestation. This article goes along with Top Five Flea Prevention Tips. When you're done, check that one out too.

Before we get to those reasons why you're attracting fleas to your yard, it is important to understand that fleas don't hop into your yard on their own. They are carried into your yard by warm-blooded animals. So keep in mind that these are actually wildlife control tips. Here's what draws wildlife into your yard:

  • Food: Animals that carry fleas feed on an impressive variety of foods. You can't possibly get rid of them all. If you remove all vegetation, some animals will come into your yard just to eat your grass or feed on the worms and grubs in your soil. You can, however, prevent the attraction of larger animals by making sure your exterior trash is in sealed containers.
  • Overgrowth: Weeds, tall grass, and other types of overgrowth will make your yard more inviting to wildlife. Keep things trimmed and neat.
  • Water: If you have areas of standing water, wildlife will take notice. Those puddles in your yard are like little watering holes.
  • Hiding places: Many critters prefer a yard with hiding places, especially rodents. Since rodents get into your home and spread fleas from top to bottom, this is an important attractant to remove. Remove as much yard clutter as possible to make it harder for rodents to find places to hide or explore.
  • Harborage options: If a wild animal finds a way into your home, it will have a reason to stay on your property permanently. This isn't as much of an attractant as it is a reason more and more fleas will be seen in your yard. They're not coming from the outside, they're breeding in your yard and in your home. Seal your walls to keep animal pests out.

Are fleas driving you nuts this summer? Is it too late to prevent an infestation by addressing attractants or by sealing your exterior walls and foundations? Reach out to Adams Exterminating Company. We can get you back to being flea-free and give you the pest service you need to stay that way.

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