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3 Things You Are Doing That Allow Wolf Spiders To Invade Your Frisco Home

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wolf spider crawling on a brick wall

Silently stalking their next victim, these solitary soldiers are scoping out a comfortable place to make their new home—and maybe they're a little too close for comfort. Despite the aggressive-sounding name, the mysterious wolf spider is a gentle giant. These spiders aren’t likely to hurt you unless they feel threatened, and they won’t cause any serious health problems. And they are not poisonous to large pets such as cats or dogs. In fact, wolf spiders aren't really all that bad to have around. They eat many of the insect pests that plague homes all over Frisco. However, most people find them to be creepy and unwanted guests, especially as the holiday season draws to a close.

Keeping Wolf Spiders Out

There are three things that homeowners often don't think about when it comes to the prevention of wolf spiders.

  1. Yard/Lawn Debris- Like many outdoor pests, wolf spiders love having a safe place in which to hide. Piles of leaves, unkempt grass, and other spaces around the lawn will attract large numbers of pests, which may eventually send them wandering into the home. Cleaning up yard debris and limiting places for spiders to shelter is helpful in preventing unwanted infestations.
  2. Existing Pest Issues- If you think or know that there are other pest infestations in your home, it is imperative to have them addressed by a pest control professional as soon as possible. Pest activity provides food sources for hungry wolf spiders, possibly leading them straight into your home.
  3. Moisture Problems- Wolf spiders are big fans of high moisture levels, especially chronic leaks, sweating pipes, or drips on the interior of the home. And most of their favorite foods (insects) are pests that require moisture to survive. So don’t be surprised if you spot these arachnids hunting around your bathroom or kitchen. Address all moisture issues with repairs, a dehumidifier, or fans as soon as possible.

To learn more about why wolf spiders have decided to infest your home, call the pros at Adam’s Exterminating Company now.

Find Good Company in Adam’s Exterminating Company

As an added bonus, there is one more thing that homeowners don't always think about when it comes to preventing wolf spiders in and around your home: not having ongoing pest control with Adam’s Exterminating Company. Using a year-round program will not only limit your risk for wolf spiders but it will also drastically reduce your chances of accumulating an infestation of the other pests these spiders like to eat. To talk to a professional about your pest control options, reach out to the office at Adam’s today.

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