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Why Yellow Jackets And Wasps Haven’t Left North Texas

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Yellow Jackets in their nest.

In the Northern states, yellow jackets are starting to slow down. Soon they will begin to die off, leaving only female reproductives that have been nurtured to make it through the winter. This is a time of furious preparation that happens every year. But things are slightly different here in North Texas. We're not quite at that point in the life cycle of the Texas yellow jacket.

Before yellow jackets start preparing female reproductives for their winter nap, they are doing what they always do. They're building their populations. By the time fall rolls around, those populations are nearing their max. So you can expect to see yellow jackets out in force. They'll be buzzing around your soda while you're trying to watch a football game. They'll be buzzing around your picnic table while you're trying to enjoy a cookout. And they'll be accidentally getting into your home if you're not careful.

There are many ways yellow jackets can get into a home. Here are just a few of them:

  • Any door that leads to the outside can allow yellow jackets into your home when left open. If you have a garage, your garage door is the largest door on your home. When you leave the door open between the garage and the house, any yellow jacket that has found its way into your garage will have easy access to your indoor spaces.
  • If you leave a window open and the screen has a hole or gap, these busy wasps will take advantage of it. It is important to do a quick check of all your screens this time of year and make sure they are in good repair and sealed all the way around, especially if you like to open your windows and let the fresh air in.
  • If your home has holes that have formed due to water damage and insect damage, they can give entrance to wasps. These can be anywhere from the bottom of your home to the top.

The best solution for wasps is to not have them around. Having fewer wasps in your yard will make it less likely that you'll have wasps invade your home. To reduce yellow jackets and other wasps, it is necessary to remove any nests on your property. If you need assistance with locating and safely removing nests in North Texas, request a free, no-obligation estimate from Adams Exterminating Company. Wasp removal dallasWe're always here to help.

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