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Six Myths About Termites In Allen You Probably Still Believe

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Termites chewing on wood.

If you have lived in your Allen, TX home long enough, you have heard a thing or two about termites and the damage they can cause. However, is all of this information true? To help you better understand termites and what threat they pose to your home, we will be unraveling some common myths associated with these destructive home invaders today. Let's find out how much you actually know about the number one home destroying pest in America.

Myth Number 1: Termites serve no purpose; they simply exist to destroy wood. 

It can be easy to think that termites are a useless creature. Besides, how could destroying homes ever be helpful? The truth is, homes aren’t the only thing that termites eat. They also eat dead and decaying trees and cellulose-based plants out in nature. This process is vital for the overall health of nature and contributes to the production of healthy soil.

Myth Number 2: Termites are part of the ant family

If you were to look at a termite and an ant side by side, you would assume they are closely related. In reality, termites are more closely related to cockroaches than any other pest, including ants. This was only recently found out with the discovery of symbiotic microbes that both wood roaches and termites share.

Myth Number 3: Deforestation destroys termite colonies

Without trees, termites go away, or at least that is what many Americans believe. Truthfully, deforestation helps termites more than anything else. As trees are cut down, dead tree roots, stumps, and debris are often left behind for termites to feed on. In fact, research shows that methane produced from termites is higher in areas of deforestation than anywhere else.

Myth Number 4: Termite infestations are easy to detect

If a colony of termites was eating away at your home, you would know it, right? Sadly, identifying a termite infestation is not always as easy as it may seem. You see, termites are silent destroyers who have no problem taking their time to destroy your home. Entering in through deep soil in direct contact with your home's structural wood, termites can eat unhindered for months if not years without being noticed. Given enough time, this behavior can result in severe damages.

Myth Number 5: Termites can eat through concrete

Although termites are extremely destructive, their mandibles are nowhere near strong enough to break up concrete. Even when eating wood, they will find the softest sections possible. Some cockroaches won’t even eat wood unless it has been softened by water damage or rot.

Myth Number 6: If a house is treated for termites once, you never have to worry about termites again

Treating for termites is not as simple as sealing off your home’s exterior. Because of the way they chew into the wood of homes, constant maintenance is needed to keep them away. This involves regular refills of bait stations along with careful monitoring done by a professional pest technician. 

The Best Way To Keep Your Home Termite-Free

At Adams Exterminating Company, for effective termite control, we only trust the Sentricon® System with Always Active­™ to keep our clients' homes and businesses safe. This warrantied, proven system of bait stations is designed to effectively eliminate and deter termites year-round. To get Sentricon® with Always Active™ for your Allen home, give us a call. We will send one of our highly trained Allen, TX pest technicians out your way with everything your home needs to fight back against these destructive pests. Reach out to our team today to schedule your free home estimate!

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