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Should I Be Scared Of Silverfish I Find In My North Texas Home?

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Three Silverfish crawling on a book.

Silverfish are nuisance pests that barge in and make themselves right at home. Spraying a silverfish insecticide may have little to no effect on these pests. Do silverfish prevention methods work?

Adams Exterminating Company can handle any silverfish infestation in North Texas by getting rid of silverfish. Our helpful technicians can determine if homeowners are unknowingly creating a silverfish habitat and decide how to treat this problem.

What Do Silverfish In North Texas Look Like?

While these little pests are not fish, they have a similar name partly because of their shimmery silver scale-like appearance, along with the way they move and their teardrop shape. Silverfish may measure around ¾ of an inch in length when fully grown. These six-legged insects move quickly, have a pair of antennae, and feature pointy tail barbs.

Signs Of Silverfish In Your North Texas House

If a silverfish infestation is in the beginning stages, it’s time to look at options for getting rid of silverfish before the problem intensifies. Anyone interested in determining whether they have silverfish in the home can start by checking out their immediate surroundings.

If any of the following items are seen, there could be problems involving this particular pest:

  • Actual Silverfish: There is the chance that seeing a silverfish onsite is an isolated incident, but that is uncommon. When multiple silverfish are seen, whether dead, alive, young, or mature - residents know something is up, and things could get worse. 
  • Damage: Pick up a few of this pest’s favorite treats from around the home: books, paper office products like printer paper and envelopes, old magazines, and clothing. Inspect items for any markings indicative of chewing; these tiny bites will usually appear as irregular holes. Remember to check the pantry too. Oats and flour are also at risk from these creatures.
  • Droppings: When materials become infested, these items can get riddled with stains that silverfish leave. Yellow splotches indicate where these bugs have urinated, and tiny black specks are fecal markings.

Are Silverfish In North Texas Poisonous?

These shiny bugs may look affright, but they are relatively harmless. Just because they move like lightning across the rug and shimmy as they run doesn’t make them dangerous. Silverfish do not bite, sting, or carry disease.

The main issue that prompts residents to use silverfish insecticide to control this population is the destruction of possessions. Old books and periodicals are of particular interest to this pest who even eats glue. Bookworms can guard their treasures by keeping them out of moist areas.

How Can I Stop Silverfish From Getting Into My North Texas Home?

Implementing a few silverfish prevention methods can work well against warding off these pests. Eliminate homes as a haven for these insects, and things are off to a good start. In a prime silverfish habitat, the main factor is moisture; start reducing that immediately. Suck the water out of a damp room in the home by installing a dehumidifier; empty it frequently.

Next, cut off the food supply. Move books, clothing, magazines, and other potential threats from moist areas. Keep flour, sugar, and oats stored in sealed canisters. Promptly clean up crumbs when these items spill.

The last way to prevent silverfish from getting (or staying) inside North Texas homes is to call in the professionals. Adams Exterminating Company offers a comprehensive pest control plan for creepy crawlies like silverfish and more. Our resourceful technicians know how to conduct a detailed inspection, then apply a customized treatment and follow-up as needed. We not only get these bugs out of homes, but we also keep them out!

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