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Are Centipedes In The Home Dangerous?

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Centipede crawling into a wall.

Centipedes look like a creature straight out of a horror movie; make them 100 times bigger and they would be a terror to haunt nightmares. Lucky for us, despite their terrifying appearance, a centipede's only direct threat to you is the jump you get from seeing one dash across the room at a million miles an hour. Nevertheless, centipedes are still a nuisance that no one wants around, no matter their size.

Centipede Nuisance Factors and Possible Dangers

There is no avoiding the fact that centipedes are scary to look at. Maybe it's the way they wriggle their worm-like bodies around, or possibly it's their tiny pointy legs moving in unison at lightning fast speeds. Either way, there is no denying the fact of the matter, centipedes are creepy, scary, and all around bone-chilling. That being said, a nuisance is really all they are to humans. For other bugs, however, centipedes should be feared, as their venom is lethal to smaller, soft-bodied insects, but, thankfully, not to humans. What do centipedes eat? Let's find out.

How and Why Centipedes Invade Homes

Most pests will invade homes in the winter months to share the warmth of your home with you. Thankfully we live in Lewisville, Texas, where the weather never gets cold enough for pests to want to invade. However, it is a fact that often times centipedes will run from the heat outside, as it drys out their thin skin. Centipedes need moisture to survive, and sometimes the dark, wet corners of our home offer just what they need.

Centipedes invade homes in a number of ways, usually through a crack or gap discovered in the foundation of your home. Scanning around the base of your home for these openings, and sealing them with a caulking gun, is a good way to begin to deter centipedes. Some other ways they find entry into your home is through cracks or gaps around windows, under doors, and up through drains and sump pumps.

Why You Should Call a Professional

With centipedes as small, fast, and slippery as they are, sometimes DIY exclusion tips are just not enough, and no matter what we do, it seems they still find their way indoors. This is why professional pest prevention plans are so important. If your Lewisville home has centipedes, allow the pest experts here at Adams Exterminating Company help. Our pest exclusion plans are designed to keep centipedes out. If you want these tiny nightmares out of your dream home, call Adams today!

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