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Are Termites Still Active In North Texas?

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termites crawling on wood in a home

There’s nothing like living in a state that is fairly warm year-round. Plenty of sunshine, and even in winter the air here in Lewisville is as dry as ever. However, because of the warmer climate, termites are just as comfortable living and working here as you are.
Subterranean termite swarms are most frequently seen in the months between February and May in Texas, but they often occur even after those months have passed. Because our average annual temperature is about 70 degrees, the cooler climate that would normally kill off termites during the winter in other states doesn't apply to us. This means that termites will be happily chewing away at whatever wood they can find all year long, and often, the wood they find is the wood in your home!
These small tan and white insects have been recorded doing severe structural damage to homes across the states, and the longer termites fly under your radar, the more frightening the damage becomes. If the weakening floor joists, stairs, wall studs, and other structural components in your home sounds costly to repair—that’s because it is. Subterranean and Formosan termites make up 90% of all termite damage, and the cost of damage repairs caused by just those two types of termites accumulates to about 4.5 billion dollars a year across America.
Year-round pest problems require year-round prevention. Simply getting rid of termites one time is not going to keep them away for long, especially since they are continuously active throughout all of the seasons. Taking prevention steps on your own is often quite difficult or even costly, and if you find yourself with an already existing termite problem, the damage associated with their presence is never easy to repair. Due to the fact that termites prefer dark, hidden areas, most homeowners won’t even know their home is infested until major damage has occurred. A one-time extermination will not get rid of termites indefinitely, because pests that thrive all year need a year-long treatment plan.
Adams Exterminating Company has the treatment plan you need. Unlike some other exterminating companies, we will create a termite treatment and protection plan that is specific to your situation. We understand that no pest problem is the same, so we are sure to communicate with you about every plan of action—because we value our customers. Contact Adams Exterminating Company today to request a free home estimate or to ask about what other pests your home is protected against with our Home Guardian Plan.

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