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The Very Misunderstood House Centipede

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House centipede on a rock surface.

Some pests are both creepy to look at and dangerous to have around. Black widow spiders are one example of such a pest. Some pests are cute to look at, but unhealthy to have around. Mice could fall into this category. Perhaps the most misunderstood pests are the ones that are frightening to look at, but not unsafe to have around. This is the category that the misunderstood house centipede falls into.

Why Centipedes Are Misunderstood

Most people would agree that centipedes are sinister looking. They have long narrow bodies with anywhere from 15 to over 100 pairs of legs—although most centipedes don’t have any more than 60. They’re typically light in color with two long antennae.

Due to their menacing appearance, many people automatically assume that centipedes are dangerous. Some people have also heard that they’re poisonous, only adding to their bad name. The truth is that they are venomous, but they can’t bite humans. They pose no threat to people, regardless of whether you find them outside or inside your house. In fact, centipedes can even be slightly beneficial because they eat other pests.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Centipedes In Your House

After all this talk about centipedes not being harmful, you may think it's unreasonable to say that you should be concerned if you discover them in your home. Unfortunately, it's not.

Although you don't need to worry about the centipedes themselves, their presence could be an indication of a more significant problem. Centipedes are drawn to moisture. When they end up in your home, it's usually because they've found a moist place to live. Often centipede infestations are an indication that you have a water leak somewhere in your house.

What You Should Do About A Centipede Infestation

If you find centipedes in your home, a two-pronged approach to their elimination should be taken;

First, you need to determine if you have a water leak somewhere and take the appropriate steps to fix it. This may require a licensed plumber depending on the size and scope of the problem.

Second, you should bring in a professional pest control technician to eliminate your centipede problem. Adams Exterminating Company has the knowledge and equipment to eradicate a centipede infestation.

By taking this two-pronged approach, you can rest assured that your centipede problem is solved and won’t return. Contact Adams at the first sign of centipedes.

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