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Have Fire Ants Taken Over Your Lewisville Yard? Adams Exterminating Can Help!

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Colony of Fire Ants on a stone surface.

If their small red bodies don’t give them away, a single bite from one of these summertime pests will clue you in very quickly. Fire ants are a nearly inescapable nuisance in Texas, especially during the warm and humid months of summer. As temperatures and rainfall increases, Mother Nature gives these foul-tempered insects a prompt to begin regular activities before winter returns. This quickly leads to more nests, lots of ants, and a higher chance of unwanted bites or stings.

There are many DIY methods of ant treatments available to homeowners, but many of them are costly, counterproductive, or simply ineffective in reducing fire ant presence on a property. Treatment from a professional pest control service is always the best option. 

How Professional Fire Ant Treatment Works 

The types of professional fire ant treatments vary according to the scope of the issue within your lawn or home. The pest control professional who visits your home will suggest one or more of the following treatments. 

  • Ant bait is spread around and on top of fire ant mounds. Worker ants will be anxious to bring some of this poisonous food home to the queen, which kills entire colonies quickly and efficiently. 
  • Contact insecticides may be applied over grass and other surfaces to deter the migration of these pests. This is most effective in smaller areas. 
  • In certain circumstances, individual fire ant mounds may be targeted with one or more of the above treatments.

These treatment options can be tailored to your lawn’s unique pest control needs for the most well-rounded approach. Having an infestation of fire ants is no laughing matter. Professional treatment is necessary if you want to relax and find respite in your favorite outdoor areas. Fire ant treatments is also available for our Plano residents.

Got Ants? Adams Can Help!

If your yard has been taken over by fire ants this summer, don’t wait until it gets worse. Call us today at Adam’s Exterminating Company. We have highly trained pest professionals to get the job done right, in Lewisville and beyond. 

Here at Adam’s, we pride ourselves in a holistic approach to pest management that looks out for the best interests of your health and your home. Our residential pest control plans include insect reduction in your landscaping as well as targeted control against invaders like fire ants. We’re passionate about bringing world-class service, with over 70 years of experience exterminating pests of all kinds. Call or click for a no-obligation estimate for your property, and learn more about how we can help you stay ant-free during the summer and beyond.

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