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Ten Quick & Simple Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your Plano Home This Fall

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House mouse hiding among dried leaves.

As any Plano homeowner can tell you, when the weather cools down, the pest problems heat up. October is a popular month for pest infestations as both insects and rodents start moving indoors to stay warm through the fall and winter. 

You might make the mistake of thinking your Plano property is safe from pests this season, but the truth is, any home that doesn’t have a pest prevention plan will likely deal with an infestation. Consider the following ten tips to secure your home from pests this Fall.

Ten Pest Prevention Tips For Plano Household

Different pests are attracted to different things, but implementing the following prevention tips will help ensure that all insects, arachnids, and rodents stay out of your Plano property.

  1. Deep cleaning. Pests are likely to nest in undisturbed spaces, so do a deep cleaning of the entire house. This includes the tight spaces beneath appliances, the back corners of your closets, and all areas of your attic and garage.
  2. Comprehensive yard maintenance. The falling leaves create nesting opportunities for pests, so make sure your grass is cut and your leaf piles are disposed of. 
  3. Remove standing water outside. Puddles and stale gutter water attract all sorts of pests since standing water is a reliable source of hydration.
  4. Keep woodpiles away from your home. Woodpiles attract termites, ants, and certain types of spiders; the closer this wood is to your property, the more likely pests will come indoors.
  5. Secure trash storage. Keep all your trash bins tightly shut and indoors, otherwise foraging pests such as rodents and cockroaches will burrow inside. 
  6. Tight food storage. Keep your pantry securely closed, and make sure you don’t leave food sitting out and unattended. 
  7. Moisture control. The kitchen and the bathroom have a lot of moisture that can attract pests, so make sure these areas are well ventilated. 
  8. Check bags and boxes before bringing them inside. Hitchhiking bugs, like ticks, silverfish, and bed bugs will sometimes hitch rides on clothes and deliveries. 
  9. Seal your doors and windows. Cracks in your masonry are common ways for pests to get inside, so do a thorough examination of your walls, doors, and window frames to make sure they are sealed up tight.

Tip Number Ten: Contact Your Local Exterminator

The best thing you can do to ensure total pest safety is to contact your local pest control professionals. The experts at Adam’s Exterminating Company are prepared to help Plano households this fall. Whether you have a pest problem or want to make sure your home is pest-free, reach out today for a thorough inspection.

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