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Do Not Allow Fleas To Ruin Movie Night

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Flea on a gray background.

You finally sit down in your comfy chair in the living room at the end of a very long and strenuous day thinking that you will take in a movie on your favorite channel as you begin to unwind; but before long, you feel an itch around your ankle. You reach down and absentmindedly scratch it remaining focused on the screen so as not to miss a moment of the compelling movie you are engrossed in. A few moments later, you feel that itch again, only this time it draws your attention from your show because the itch is actually becoming quite intense. As you inspect a bit closer, you discover a bright red, slightly swollen ankle and several tiny, black specks on your white ankle socks; but the horror hits when you realize those black specks are moving! Fleas!

As much as this is a horror for you, imagine what poor Fido or Felix must be going through. All that fur for those amazingly annoying fleas to hide in. Just think about it. Hundreds of tiny little fleas constantly biting all over their body and all without fingers and a thumb to pick them off and forcefully squish them with! The best your furry friends can do is to turn themselves practically inside out and chew with all their might. The constant gnawing, chewing, and biting inevitably leads to a swollen, red, and raw patch of skin and becomes hot and sore to the touch; and hair loss is typically the result.

While it is true that you can purchase a veterinarian approved product at your pet’s provider that will help to keep fleas from nesting in your pet’s fur, this is in no way a guarantee that these tiny parasites are not going to infest your home. Fleas are just as happy to hop on your pant leg or onto your shoe as you walk past the place in your yard that some unsuspecting raccoon, chipmunk, skunk, or mouse deposited the little unwanted parasitic guest as they wandered through looking for a meal in the night. Once inside your home, the gloves come off and soon you have hundreds, if not more, of these tiny reddish insects inflicting pain and possibly spreading disease to your pets and to your family.

The very best way to ensure that fleas will not be infesting your home this summer is by allowing Adams Exterminating Company to place a barrier of protection around the outside of your home that will keep fleas outside, where they belong. We can also help you address the conditions that are allowing fleas to thrive in your yard, and we can help you discover the reasons why woodland creatures that are playing taxi to these parasites and delivering them to your front door are choosing your yard as their favorite stop.
Remember, it is your pet that is likely to be the first to know that fleas have invaded your yard. But, they can’t talk, and they can’t warn you. With flea control services from Adams Exterminating Company, you don’t have to worry about fleas invading your home. You can come home, pour that cup of coffee, and curl up to enjoy your favorite movie without being interrupted by the incessant itching that fleas cause.

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