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Are The Flies In Prosper Hard To Get Rid Of On Your Own?

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Getting rid of flies from your Prosper home is more arduous than you'd think. While you can purchase essential oils, fly repellent, or flycatchers, store-bought products do very little to remove the source of the fly infestation. Don't let flies make a mess of your home and life by trying to get rid of them by yourself. The decision that saves you time and money is calling Adams Exterminating Company for pest control in Prosper that can efficiently remove pests from your home.

The Kinds Of Flies That Invade Prosper Homes

Many different types of flies exist all over the world. However, only a few kinds of flies in Prosper are likely to enter your home:  

  • House flies in Prosper are distinguishable due to their dull gray bodies with four black vertical lines on the top.
  • Fruit flies in Prosper are yellowish-brown to brownish-black in color. Like other species of flies, fruit flies have a total of four translucent wings.
  • Flesh flies in Prosper are light gray in color and have a distinctive checkerboard pattern on top of their abdomen.
  • Drain flies in Prosper resemble moths in their furry appearance but are much smaller. They have large wings that fold over their heads, but the flight pattern is random, and they can't fly for long periods.

The problem with flies in your Prosper home is where they were before. Like many pests, flies spend their time in unsanitary areas before they find a place in your home. Don't take chances when noticing a fly in your home. Contact Adams Exterminating Company for further support and advice on the next steps to efficiently tackle the problem.

The Health Hazards Of Flies In Your Home

In the outside world, flies can always be found in many unsavory places, such as garbage piles, excrement, carcasses, and plenty of other nasty locations. As they land on these surfaces, they pick up hundreds of pathogens on their legs and spread them to your home. They also leave behind their body fluids as they consume food, creating more chances for infection. Some of the illnesses these pathogens can lead to include:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Dysentery
  • Tuberculosis 

The fly that is least likely to spread bacteria around your home is the drain fly. They are not known to transmit diseases or spread bacteria, but their population will grow out of control if left unchecked.

Why It Can Be Difficult To Get Rid Of Flies On Your Own

There are two main reasons it's virtually impossible to remove flies from your home alone. The first reason is food and the second reason is reproduction rates.

Food and water are what attract flies to our homes. Flies will converge around garbage bins, rotting fruits and veggies, and excrement. The first places you're bound to notice flies are in the kitchen or the bathroom. A detailed cleaning will remove particles that attract them and any bacteria left behind.

The second reason flies are difficult to expel from your home is the rate at which they reproduce. Female house flies lay 75 to 150 tiny eggs at a time. These eggs are especially difficult to see and could be hidden anywhere inside your home.

The Best Fly Control For Your Home

There are steps you can take to limit the entry points through which flies enter your home. While this doesn't get rid of a fly infestation that has already taken place, it can prevent more from joining the party. Make the decision to partner with Adams Exterminating Company for all your pest control needs. We're a fourth-generation family-owned company devoted to ridding neighborhoods and businesses of pests in Texas. Contact us today to receive a free estimate from us and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Prosper.

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