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McKinney's Complete Guide To Effective Spider Control

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Do you often find yourself tearing down cobwebs and chasing spiders with tissue paper? Although most spiders aren’t dangerous, they’re certainly creepy and obnoxious, and they can be frequent visitors of McKinney, TX homes. 

Spiders come in many sizes and colors, but all of them are annoying, and they are indicative of other pest problems. Let’s talk about the types of spiders that are common in McKinney and what Texas homeowners can do to prevent them. 

Spiders in McKinney, TX

All spiders have fangs and possess venom, leading many people to believe that all spiders can be dangerous. In truth, most spiders are only dangerous to the insects they eat. Their venom will almost never hurt you or your family. 

Spiders come in countless shapes, sizes, and colors. Thousands of spider species have been identified and probably thousands more have gone unnoticed. Only a few of these pests will manage to get into your home. The non-threatening spiders in McKinney include the following: 

  • Cellar spiders (also known as daddy long legs.): These arachnids have small bodies and long, spindly legs. Their webs are far less intricate than most spiders. They create loose-weaving webs that stack on top of each other. Despite the common myth, these spiders are hardly venomous and can coexist without causing health problems to humans. 
  • Black and yellow garden spiders: These large arachnids prefer the outdoors and are identifiable by their size and the bands of gold and black across their bodies. They rarely make their way indoors and they weave large webs wherever they can. These spiders are undeniably beautiful but don’t disturb them, the mothers bite, and their bites can be irritating for a few days.
  • Grass spiders: These brown or gray spiders are happiest outside the home. They build funnel-shaped webs in tall grasses, window wells, or steps. They have light and dark stripes close to their heads. They bite when afraid, but their bites are of very low concern to humans. 
  • Jumping spiders: These small arachnids are adorable. They usually have brown, black, or sometimes greenish bodies, and, as their name suggests, they jump from place to place. These spiders mean no harm, they’re much happier outdoors and their bites are both rare and harmless.

McKinney residents rarely see more venomous spiders such as brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. A brown recluse can be identified by a violin-shaped marking on its back, and black widows have a bright red hourglass on their underside. These spiders have dangerous venom, but again, McKinney residents have little reason to worry. 

In truth, spiders don’t cause many problems. The only time to worry is if you have a bite with two holes in the center. This is a spider bite, and if you don’t know what bit you, get it checked out by a medical professional. 

Spider Prevention Tips 

Often, spider infestations are a symptom of other pest issues. Spiders aren’t attracted to anything your home has to offer. Your food storage is meaningless to them, they can’t eat your home, and they have no reason to nest inside. But if your house has ants, moths, mites, or any other insects, these arachnids will move in. 

If you find yourself dealing with spiders, try to find their food sources. You may need to sweep out an infestation, and if that’s the case, then calling your local exterminator will help resolve the problem. 

Additionally, to prevent spiders, simply prevent other infestations. Keep your food and trash secured, remove standing water, and control indoor humidity. Additionally, be sure to seal your house off by caulking windows, sealing doorways, and filling holes in your vents, chimney, and roof. Finally, getting rid of cobwebs in and around the house helps make your home less inviting to arachnids. 

Since frequent spiders could be a sign of other pest problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts. Spiders can give homeowners the creeps, and even if they don’t creep you out, they could invite other, more venomous arachnids in. Stop the problem before it gets worse; contact the exterminators at Adam’s Exterminating Company today. 

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