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The Secret To Keeping Flies Out Of Your McKinney Home

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Fruit flies infesting food.

Buzzing flies are more than just nuisances that pose health risks and cause other problems for your home, especially if they make it indoors. Learning how to prevent and address the factors that attract flies, and why you should enlist the help of experts, will help you keep your McKinney home free of flies.

Common Flies In Texas

As with most insects, when we use a term like “fly” we’re really talking about several subspecies of the insect family. As such, many different flies can be found in our area.

  • Fruit Flies: These flies are most often attracted to our kitchens thanks to their attraction to sweet, sugary aromas. While fruit is a common culprit of attracting these flies in, the sugar that attracts these flies is found in a variety of common foods.
  • Horse Flies: Known for infesting barns and open fields, these flies are attracted to dung and manure. Unfortunately they track the germs from piles of feces anywhere else they land, making them a significant health hazard.
  • Bar Flies: Some of the grossest flies out there, these guys land on rotting meat and lay their maggoty offspring right inside of carcasses. Again, they track harmful bacteria from these rotten areas to anywhere they infest.

The Dangers Of Flies

While you can be plenty convinced to avoid fly populations thanks to their annoying buzzing and gross appearance, many people don’t realize the other dangers and problems that flies can pose. Here are just some of the issues that a fly infestation can bring:

  • Disease: Many flies land on feces, trash, and rotting flesh, both for sustenance and areas to lay their eggs. The germs they then track back to your home from these disgusting areas can cause serious health concerns.
  • Contamination: Even flies that aren’t riddled with germs can contaminate food, as they crawl all over fruit or make their way inside of stored food packaging.
  • Proliferation: Like many insects, flies reproduce quickly and a small population can become a huge problem in a matter of days. That’s why it’s best to stay on top of prevention and turn to assistance from the professionals.

Fly Prevention For Your Home

To avoid the problems that flies pose, you have to reduce the factors that attract them to your home in the first place. Here are some easy steps you can take to achieve this:

  • Food Storage: Leaving food out or stored in weak containers can attract flies into your home. The same goes for making sure to regularly deep clean for crumbs or food traces.
  • Trash Storage: Flies will eat the food in the trash just as often as they’ll eat it from your kitchen. Use sturdy bags and covered bins for your trash.
  • Windows & Doors: Flies can both crawl and fly, making windows and doors a common entry point. Install screens and keep them well maintained, as well as door sweeps or weather stripping that reduces gaps in thresholds.

We Can Help You Get It Under Control

For proper fly prevention and control, you should contact your local experts. At Adams Exterminating Company, our technicians can provide you with even more tips and tricks on how to spot flies and keep them out of your home. If you’d like a free inspection of your home, to determine your level of risk, we can provide that right away. If we spot any warning signs, you can count on us to address them and arm you with solutions to combat future pest problems. If flies are already a problem in your home, act fast to eliminate them by turning to us right away.
Don’t let flies become health hazards and nuisances for your property, contact Adams Exterminating Company today.

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