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What To Do If I Spot A Hornets Nest On My Frisco Property?

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In Texas, we have several pests that can give homeowners a run for their money. But there is one pest, in particular, that's especially dangerous and aggressive: hornets.

Unlike bees, hornets can sting multiple times, making them more lethal. And their stings can cause serious medical complications or even death for those who are allergic to their venom. Not only are hornets dangerous, but they are also tough to eliminate.

That's why it's so crucial to take action if you spot a hornet's nest on your Frisco property. Don't try to handle the situation yourself. Instead, contact a Frisco pest control firm that has experience dealing with these pests. They know how to remove the hornets from your property safely.

Are Hornets Attracted To Light? 

Like the paper wasp and mud wasp, hornets are attracted to light. The light attracts insects, which then become prey for the hornets. So if you have a hornet problem, it's best to keep your lights off at night. 

Aside from light, several other things can attract hornets to your property:

  • Sweet fruits and flowers: Hornets are attracted to the sweetness of fruits and flowers. If you have a garden on your property, it could attract hornets.
  • Trash cans and garbage dumps: Fruits, sweets, and other garbage can attract hornets to your property. Ensure you keep your trash cans clean and sealed to prevent hornets from being drawn to the smell.
  • Bugs and insects: Hornets are attracted to other bugs and insects. If you have a hornet problem, there's a good chance you have other pest problems as well.
  • Refuge: If your property provides a sanctuary for hornets, they will be more likely to stay. Things like old trees, bushes, and abandoned buildings can offer a safe place for hornets to build their nests.

Don't take chances with hornets. These pests are nothing to mess with. Call a professional pest control firm right away if you spot a nest on your property. Hornet removal should only be attempted by those with the proper experience and training. 

Do Bug Zappers Attract And Kill Hornets?

One standard method people use to try and get rid of hornets is a bug zapper. But do bug zappers work?

The answer is yes and no. Bug zappers can kill hornets, but they're also likely to attract others.

Here's how it works: The light from the bug zapper attracts insects, becoming prey for the hornets. So while the bug zapper may kill some hornets, it's also attracting others.

It's important to note that bug zappers are not an effective way to combat hornets. The best way to get rid of hornets in Frisco is to call a professional pest control exterminator. 

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Spray A Hornet Nest?

The best time of day to spray a hornet nest is at night or early in the morning. Hornets are attracted to light, so they're more likely to be active during the day. By spraying at night, you can avoid contact with the hornets and reduce the risk of being stung.

Once you've sprayed the nest, it's crucial to monitor the situation closely. If the hornets return, you may need to call a pest exterminator for professional hornet prevention.

Hornets are dangerous pests that shouldn't be taken lightly. If you spot a black hornet wasp on your property, take action right away. Call pest control near you to safely remove the hornets from your property.

Let Us Do The Hard Work By Removing Hornet Nests On Your Property

Dealing with hornets is no picnic. These pests are aggressive and dangerous. If you spot a nest on your property, try not to panic. Slowly back away and contact Adams Exterminating Company.

Join the over 10,000 happy customers we've served in the Frisco area. We're experts when it comes to hornets and other stinging insects. Our team will safely and effectively remove the hornet nest from your property.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with pests independently. That's why we're here to help. Call us today for a free consultation.

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