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Scorpion Control In Denton: A Comprehensive Identification And Control Guide

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If you’re familiar with Denton pest control, then you’re also probably familiar with scorpions. If you don’t know much about them, it’s worth it to learn all about scorpions in order to protect yourself and your property from these pests. Scorpions are pesky and potentially dangerous pests that don’t like to have their hiding places disturbed, and in most cases, you really shouldn’t attempt to remove them on your own. This post will cover the basics of scorpion identification, the health risks of having scorpions around, and how to prevent scorpions from coming into your home.  

How To Identify Common Types Of Scorpions

There are many types of scorpions, but you only need to worry about being able to identify the most common scorpions in the area. Here in North Texas, the striped bark scorpion is the scorpion species you’ll come across the most. These scorpions have a yellow color and stripes on their abdomen. In general, scorpions have eight legs and are classified as arachnids along with spiders. They also have distinctive pincers and, of course, a curved tail with a stinger at the very end. 

In the event that you encounter a scorpion in your home that doesn’t fit this description, then try to safely take a photo of it. You can then compare this photo to online databases or show it to pest control professionals to confirm the species and decide on a pest control strategy that fits. 

Health Risks Of Scorpion Infestations

Scorpions do present serious health risks. That’s just the nature of a scorpion pest situation. Can scorpions kill you? Technically, yes they can, though this depends heavily on the type of scorpion and the health condition of the person who has been stung. There are indeed dangerous scorpions in different locations around the world, but many of these scorpions live outside the U.S. American scorpions are generally non-lethal. 

In most cases, a sting from a common type of scorpion, such as a striped bark scorpion, will not be especially dangerous. Instead, you’ll experience moderate pain and potentially some swelling and lingering effects. However, the risks are more serious for individuals with allergies or compromised immune systems. For these individuals, a scorpion sting can trigger much more serious reactions. If you notice serious side effects following a scorpion sting, seek medical help immediately. 

Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Scorpions

There are common factors that attract scorpions to homes and give them places to hide. Identify the following factors and eliminate them to the best of your ability to keep scorpions away: 

  • Sources of stagnant water
  • Cracks around doors and windows 
  • Debris near the exterior walls of your house
  • Dark hiding places inside the home

Check for these factors on a regular basis. It’s all too easy to get complacent and assume that scorpions won’t choose to rest inside your home, but that gives scorpions plenty of chances to invade and set up shop, leading to unwanted surprises in the near future. And of course, if you find scorpions around your home, follow the identification process we talked about earlier and reach out to us for assistance. 

Professional Pest Control Makes The Best Scorpion Control

To get rid of scorpions, get in touch with Adams Exterminating. That’s really the simplest and the best way to have scorpions removed from your home. Going about scorpion control completely by yourself isn’t a good idea, and it’s definitely not safe. Trying to confront and remove scorpions without the proper gear or training makes scorpions feel defensive, which makes them much more likely to attack. 

When you work with the pros here at Adams Exterminating, you can relax and let us handle the situation for you. Contact us today to learn about what we offer and how you can get started with professional scorpion control. 

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