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Clean Gutters Means Fewer Mosquitoes And Ants

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We don't think about our gutters very often. After all, we're way down here and they're way up there. But we should. Gutters play an important role in preventing rot, mold, algae, and mildew, by channeling water away from exterior walls. When gutters get clogged, it is not only a danger to the wood of your home, it can create the conditions for pest breeding.

When leaves and twigs fall into gutters, it can cause a blockage of moist material to form. It also creates a pool of stagnant water. Ants are drawn to moist organic material and are easily able to scale your walls to get into a gutter clog. Mosquitoes are drawn to the stagnant water because it offers the perfect place to lay their eggs. In both cases, you're going to have unwanted bugs creating offspring on your home. Preventing clogs and routinely cleaning gutters is a vital step in pest prevention.

Clogged gutters can create another issue for your home. When water runs down the side of your exterior walls, it will gather near your foundation. This is attractive to termites, silverfish, earwigs, and a whole host of other moisture pests. So, cleaning those gutters isn't just a measure to prevent mosquitoes and ants, it can reduce pests across the board.

Another way to reduce pests inside your home and in your yard is to hire a knowledgeable pest control company to provide routine home pest control service all year long. Mosquitoes can carry harmful pathogens, ants can spread harmful bacteria, termites can damage your home, silverfish can damage your belongings, and the list goes on and on. When bugs get into a home or come into a yard, they can present a danger to your family, your pets, your equity, and your treasured keepsakes. Ongoing pest service isn't just a nicety, it is a vital layer of protection for all the things you love.

If you live in Lewisville, Denton, or anywhere in our North Texas service area, let Adams Exterminating Company help you make your yard and your home a pest-free zone. Our team of educated pest professionals is one of the best in the industry. They'll make sure you have the right service for every season, and the appropriate products applied to the areas that are needed. Schedule your free home estimate today, and let's get started.

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