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All About The Very Misunderstood Lewisville Earwig

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Earwigs in Lewisville can seem mysterious. Their dark coloration and foreboding pincers can cause your imagination to run wild. Through the centuries, they've caused many imaginations to run wild. Perhaps you've heard the stories of how earwigs climb into the ears of sleeping people and bore their way into their brains. While an earwig can climb into your ear, and may even be predisposed to do so, it isn't going to bore into your brain or lay eggs there. Let's take a closer look.

Why Earwigs Get Into Ears

Earwigs are thigmotactic and nocturnal. This is to say that they like to be in tight spaces, and they prefer the dark. If an earwig crawls on you while you're sleeping, it might decide to get into your ear. The good news is that you're probably not going to sleep near the places earwigs will crawl around. They prefer to be underneath leaf piles, mulch, and other organic materials. When they get into homes, it is by accident. Your home doesn't provide an ideal environment for these insects. The reason for the earwig myth probably stems from people having an earwig get in their ear when sleeping on the ground near woodpiles, or some similar place. But keep in mind that sleeping in a humid basement room could increase your chances of unwanted contact with these pests.

Why Earwigs Don't Bore Into Brains

Earwigs are known to tunnel through the ground and sometimes into fruits, such as apricots; they are not, however, known to tunnel through human flesh—nor do they have the ability. So there is no way an earwig can get from your ear canal to your brain, even if there were a reason for it to do such a thing.

Why Earwigs Don't Lay Eggs In Your Brain

We already discussed one big reason why this isn't the case; earwigs can't get to your brain. But you might wonder, "Can an earwig lay its eggs in my ear canal?" That is a good question to ask. While there isn't a definitive answer, we can say that your ear canal is not an appropriate location for a female earwig to nest or lay eggs. Her offspring wouldn't have a food source available. So you really don't have anything to fear.

Why Earwigs Aren't A Threat

The scary pincers on the end of an earwig can be formidable against another bug, but they are hardly a match for your skin. If an earwig had the inclination to pinch you (which it really doesn't), the resulting pinch would be minor, and it wouldn't even break the skin.

Why Earwigs Are A Problem

They're mostly a problem for people who have lots of exterior vegetation. While they are a benefit by eating aphids and other plant-damaging insects, they themselves can damage certain plants under certain circumstances. As home-invading pests, earwigs are something to worry about. They only get into homes by accident, and they don't do well once they get inside. It is important to note that, if you continually see earwigs inside, you definitely need to make an effort to seal entry points in your exterior. You should also inspect for wood rot. This is usually present when earwigs are getting into a home.

What To Do About Earwigs

These are just one of the many pests that can be managed with a quality pest control program. At Adams Exterminating Company, we provide industry-leading pest control services in the Lewisville area. We can eliminate these occasional invaders from your home and help you get control of them on your property. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.

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