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What Denton Residents Should Know About Ants

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Ants crawling on a dried leaf.

If you are a resident of Denton, you may experience ants all year long. When dealing with ants, there are many important things you need to know, including how certain species can cause damage to wood products, contaminate food, cause painful stings, and these are problems we face throughout the year in Texas.

In no time, residents will be inundated by a variety of ants including acrobat ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, odorous house ants, and rover ants. As the population of ants explodes, they will start to become more of a problem.

  • Acrobat ants can sting and cause a slight pain, but they rarely bite. They are not generally a danger to humans; however, they can strip insulation from wires that can cause short circuits. All-in-all, these ants are mostly nuisance pests, especially when they get inside your home.
  • Carpenter ants can also bite but rarely do so. It can be frustrating when they infest kitchens and pantries, but the biggest danger carpenter ants pose is their ability to excavate through wood to get from place to place and build nests. They can cause significant damage to wooden items throughout your home, including furniture, personal items, and structural beams. These damages can cost you a lot of money in repairs as well as weaken the integrity of your home.
  • Fire ants can and will sting. Their stings can range from mild to severe depending on whether or not the individual or pet has an adverse or allergic reaction from the venom and how many times they were stung.
  • Odorous ants are also considered to be nuisance pests. They will invade your food and march all over your kitchen and pantry, including your countertops. These ants will also leave a very pungent odor behind if crushed. They reproduce rapidly and can turn into a huge problem rather quickly.
  • Rover ants are attracted to moisture and can turn into a large problem if left uncontrolled. These ants usually invade bathrooms and kitchens.

If you notice any signs of ants invading your home and yard, you will need to take action immediately. Here are some tips to help you avoid certain ants in and around your home this season:

Seal off all entry points in your home's foundation and exterior walls. Keep a 2 ft area around your foundation raked clean; trim back trees and bushes as well. Take out your trash regularly and keep outdoor trash secured in bins a distance away from your home. Reduce water sources by repairing any leaky fixtures, pipes, and faucets. Clean up all indoor and outdoor food and drink spills immediately and keep your counters clean. Keep all of your food either in the refrigerator or stored in airtight containers.

The best way to prevent ant problems is by signing up for year-round pest control. In Denton, Adams Exterminating Company is ready to help you with all of your pest control needs. Just give us a call for more information and you will be well on your way to being free from ants and other common household pests.

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