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The Secret To Keeping Ants Off Of Your Allen Property

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Fire Ant crawling on the ground.

Ants are relentless insects that seem to always make their way into homes no matter how hard a homeowner tries to keep them out. But there are things you can try to keep ants off of your Allen property. Learn the secret to having an ant-free home or business.

Which House Ants Are You Seeing?

There are a few types of ants that often invade Allen homes and businesses. For instance, there’s the carpenter ant. This is the largest species of ant that might make its way into your home or business. It grows to be as long as 1/2 inch and is black in color. Unlike some other types of ants, this one is notorious for its structural damage. It tunnels through wood, possibly destroying furniture and wood studs.
Another common type of ant is the crazy ant. In line with its name, the crazy ant moves in a frantic way. Its erratic movement is the easiest way to identify this ant. Meanwhile, odorous house ants are best identified by their smell. When scared or crushed, they emit a foul odor.
One of the most dangerous types of local ants are fire ants. Typically, they form large colonies in yards. They are red or brown and have stingers that pack a powerful punch. The venom of a fire ant can cause extreme pain.
Even ants that are just a nuisance shouldn’t be welcome in your home. Once they start invading, they take over. To prevent an infestation that keeps you awake at night, you should take preventative measures.

Tips For Ant Prevention

There are several steps that you can take to limit your chance of an ant encounter. First, you should eliminate all of the factors that can attract ants. This means cleaning up all of your crumbs and leftover food as soon as possible. When you store food, keep it in airtight containers. Ants can penetrate cardboard boxes or poorly sealed containers.

  • In most homes and businesses, food accumulates under the stove and refrigerator. While it might not be possible to regularly clean those areas, you should try to clean under them as often as possible. 
  • Trash also attracts ants, so it’s important to store your garbage with care. Instead of leaving it in an open container, keep your garbage in a sealed container. This is true for both your indoor and outdoor garbage cans. Without a proper lid, your garbage will be a buffet for ants.

Eliminate Entrances

Eliminate potential entrances for ants. Walk around the exterior of your home and look for entry points. Because ants are so small, they can enter through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Check your foundation for openings and seal them up with caulk or sealant. As you patrol your property, look for broken screens and gaps in your doors or windows. It’s impossible to completely ant-proof your home, but reducing entry points will help.

Keep A Clean Yard

If you want to keep ants out of your home, you need to keep them away from your backyard. This means mowing your lawn, trimming trees and shrubs, and pulling weeds. Don’t let piles of debris accumulate, or you’ll attract ants.

The Real Secret To Ant Prevention

There’s only one real secret to keeping ants away from your home - working with an experienced pest control company. Without the right knowledge and tools to prevent and eliminate ants, you could continue to be plagued by these insects.
Adams Exterminating Company has years of experience fighting ant invasions. When you work with us, you get an effective way of eliminating and preventing ants from taking over. Contact the professionals at Adams’ for total ant control for you Allen home.

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