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What Happens To North Texas Termites In The Winter?

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Termite infested wood.

Even in colder climates, termites often remain active during the winter months. It is important to know that, in a warmer climate such as Lewisville, Texas, it is definitely warm enough for them to remain active all year long. Termites find warmth by building their colonies deep within the soil where it is warmer. Oftentimes they find themselves inside a warm home by accident as they forage for food for their colonies.  

Termite protection is a must for North Texas homeowners because of the damage these pests can cause in a short period of time.

Why Termites Infest Homes

Usually, termites remain outdoors, feasting on dead trees, limbs, debris, and stumps. Their natural feeding habits of chewing on those materials result in effectively breaking down the material to enrich the surrounding soil. If there is not enough of these organic materials outdoors, or termites just happen to discover your home while foraging for food, they begin to wreak havoc on all things containing cellulose inside your home. This includes the structures, cabinets, floors, ceilings, furniture, and personal belongings within your home.

Structural damage is the worst, as it can weaken the strength of your home and cause damage that can be costly to repair or rebuild. In the United States alone, termites cause homeowners around 5 billion dollars in damage annually.

Identifying a Termite Problem

Most people don’t even know that they have a termite problem, as termites remain hidden away inside their wooden tunnels and nests. They don’t make much noise when feasting on your home, either. Termites look a lot like ants, and many people wrongly identify them as such. In most cases, termites cause great damage to a home before its owners are aware of their presence. It is important to trust a termite control professional who can:

  • Correctly identify the problem.
  • Develop a plan of action.
  • Implement effective control.
  • Ridding Your Home of Termites.

For year-round control, you can trust Adams Exterminating Company for all of your termite issues. We use the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ for elimination and control. Termites feed on the bait located in bait stations that have been placed around the perimeter of your Lewisville home. They then share it with their colonies, including the queen, and they all die. This system is 100% eco-friendly and has been proven effective on all termites in every stage of development.

Give us a call at today to learn more about our termite control options so your home can be guaranteed termite free, year-round.

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