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How To Keep Termites Out Of Your North Texas Home

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Termite crawling on wood.

Termites can cause a huge problem, and getting them out of the home can be a serious hassle. If a termite problem exists in North Texas, it’s time for expert help. Local termite company, Adams Exterminating Company specializes in termite removal. 

Unsure if active termites are destroying the property? Interested in finding out more about types of termites that may be present? Whether it’s subterranean termites or another species, the damaging reign of these bugs must be put to an end.

What Do Termites In North Texas Look Like?

While there are a few types of this pest known to inhabit the Lone Star State, the one that most North Texas homeowners come across is primarily the subterranean termite. This species has three divisions that each of its members is classified into; workers, soldiers, and reproductives.

Workers and soldiers are mostly ivory in color. Soldiers have noticeably large mandibles, and workers have smaller jaws to destroy wood. The king, queen, and swarmers constitute the remaining subterranean termites, the reproductives. These termites have wings and are deep brown to black in color.

How Do I Know If My North Texas Home Has Termites?

More often than not, a termite problem is hard to spot for a couple of reasons. These little carpenters can often live and damage the wood in areas where homeowners rarely spend much time; crawl spaces, basements, and cellars. They remain largely out of sight. 

Another reason it is hard to tell if there are termites in the home is that the average homeowner may not have the expertise needed to identify the exact insect positively, whether it be a termite or other pest.
Calling a local termite company is the best way to see if these destructive bugs have landed on site. An inspection can pinpoint if there are termites, what type of termites there are, and a rough estimate of the damage they have done.

What Does A Termite Infestation In North Texas Look Like?

Spotting a full-blown termite infestation could be easier than just looking for the presence of these pests. There are specific signs that homeowners can check for when they feel it is time to conduct a thorough search:
  • Mud Tubes: These muddy tubes are often found outside the home on the structure itself. However, there are times when an infestation is so bad that these brown travel tubes exist in hidden places behind siding, under floorboards, and even beneath baseboards. Such evidence is usually around the width and length of a writing pen.
  • Swarmers: See any winged termites flying about the home? Even if no active termites are seen, this still is proof of a serious problem. Notice any discarded wings? Be sure to look in areas these pests frequent: doorways, windows, registers, and lighting fixtures.   
  • Wood Damage. Unfortunately, subterranean termite damage can go undetected because this species only eats a specific part of the wood, making the outer surface appear normal. Inspect suspect wood for blistering and darkened spots. Painted wood surfaces may have begun bubbling. Tap and listen for hollow sounds that come from within the wood.

How Does Adams Get Rid Of Termites In North Texas?

When termites become squatters, termite removal is needed-and fast! Adams Exterminating Company implements a system that finds, destroys, and prevents these pests from returning. First, our technicians inspect your North Texas home. Next, we treat the area and apply Sentricon® System with Always Active™. The final step involves adding bait stations that continue to safeguard the house well into the future.

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