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All The Ways You Attract Mosquitoes In McKinney, TX

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There's a secret that you should know about mosquitoes in McKinney. While most people know the dangers of mosquitoes and a few simple do-it-yourself (DIY) prevention tips, they don't realize that they are attracting these pests. You could be calling mosquitoes over to you without realizing it. Find out more about mosquitoes in McKinney and learn how you could be attracting them.

What You Should Know About McKinney Mosquitoes

Before you learn specifically what it is that's attracting mosquitoes, you should know it's so important to keep them away. Mosquitoes are considered to be one of the most dangerous pests on earth, and they've worked hard to earn that title. For centuries, mosquitoes have been spreading diseases to individuals throughout the world. Every year, mosquitoes kill people and make countless others seriously ill.

From a distance, Mosquitoes don't seem to be much of a problem. They have a somewhat comical appearance, with their long legs and proboscis. But mosquitoes suck human blood and carry diseases from one host to another. In addition to being itchy and annoying, a mosquito bite can make you sick.

Why Mosquitoes In McKinney Like You

Mosquitoes tend to favor some people over others. If you've ever wondered why mosquitoes seem to prefer you to your kids or spouse, there could be a simple explanation. Several factors may make you more appealing to these common pests.

For instance, mosquitoes tend to like pregnant women. This might sound strange, but there's a simple explanation for it. Mosquitoes seek out heat signatures, and pregnant women have higher body temperatures than other individuals. In addition to dealing with the other discomforts of pregnancy, you can also have multiple mosquito bites.

Even your blood type could be appealing to mosquitoes. Although no one knows why mosquitoes tend to favor those who have type O blood. Everyone around you might not seem bothered, but your blood type could make you a target for mosquitoes.

Other Mosquito Attractants

There are a few other factors that may attract mosquitoes. For one, there's your diet. Some studies show that mosquitoes are more attracted to people who eat certain foods or drink certain drinks. Sweet foods and alcohol could make you a prime target for mosquitoes.

Even your clothing could tempt mosquitoes. When you wear dark clothes, your heat signature rises. Mosquitoes might fly to you because you're wearing black or navy clothing.

If you have high moisture in your yard, you won't be able to avoid mosquitoes. It's best to keep standing water away and trim your vegetation. Otherwise, these hazardous pests may be unavoidable. Even if you don't do anything special to attract mosquitoes, you could have them in your yard.

How To Prevent Bites And Keep Mosquitoes Away

You can't change your blood type or control your diet enough to make yourself unappealing to mosquitoes. But you can take other steps to limit mosquito bites and to keep them away from your property.

To start, avoid going outside when it's getting dark.  Mosquitoes are often looking for good during dusk and at dawn.  They can be or during the day but may not be as abundant.

You can also wear thick clothing with long sleeves. However, you probably don't want to wear jeans and a sweatshirt at noon on a summer's day.

Keep Mosquitoes Away With Professional Help

To truly protect yourself from mosquitoes, work with an expert. Here at Adam's Exterminating Company, we can make sure mosquitoes stay away from your property. Our highly trained technicians work hard to keep you safe. If you're interested in working with us, give us a call today. We're ready to help.

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