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A Complete Guide To Cricket Control In Southlake

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Cricket in the basement.

When people hear the word 'crickets,' they usually associate it with warm summer nights and a cool breeze passing by. However, they turn into pests once the weather starts to cool off. Although they are mostly harmless, crickets can produce an unpleasant noise that most consider a nuisance, and their presence inside your house is unwelcome. Pest control in Southlake can help you get rid of these unwanted creatures. This guide will discuss common causes of cricket infestations and easy methods of controlling them.

How To Tell If You Are Dealing With A Cricket Infestation

When you are trying to determine if you have a cricket infestation, look for any of the following signs:

  • Dead or dying crickets in your home: If these critters are showing up dead in your house and you have not seen them in the past, this may be a sign there is an infestation.
  • Loud chirping at night: Crickets make a distinct sound when mating, and you may hear them if there is an infestation in your home.
  • Live crickets in your house: These pests can be harder to spot than dead ones because they scurry about and hide under furniture and between cracks in walls or floors.
  • Live crickets in your yard or garden beds: Crickets outside of the house in your yard or gardens indicate a hidden cricket nest somewhere nearby.

Call Adams Exterminating Company for cricket control service if you see any of these signs.

What It Means If You're Seeing Crickets In Your Home

If you see a lot of crickets in your house, it's because something's drawing them there. There are several reasons why this can happen. Temperature fluctuations cause the crickets to seek shelter from the cold. They'll also seek shelter when it's raining or if there are storms in the area. Crickets gravitate to light, so they may be attracted to your house if you have windows or doors open during the evening. You can also attract crickets by leaving food out, such as fruit on a countertop or pet food. The normal cricket habitat is in areas with a lot of moisture, so if you've been doing some landscaping or gardening, this can attract them as well. Crickets also like to live in mulch and compost piles because they provide a warm environment for insects.

How And Why Crickets Find Their Way Into Your Home

Crickets can enter through cracks or crevices and open doors and windows. They are looking for warmth and moisture, so if you leave your windows open, crickets may find their way into your home. They may also come inside through vents or openings in your foundation. They are attracted to moisture and can climb on walls and ceilings in search of it.

The Best Way To Keep Crickets Out Of Your Home For Good

The best way to keep crickets out of your home for good is to seal your house properly. If you've already done this and are still seeing these pests around your home (or anywhere else), then it's time to call professionals. Our expert technicians at Adams Exterminating Company know how to get rid of crickets in your house once and for all! 

Although crickets are annoying, they won't hurt you. They're just looking for a place to stay and will move right on in. Adams Exterminating Company can help eliminate these pests so that your home is cricket-free.

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