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What To Do In Order To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Aubrey

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Some pests are so nasty-looking that they become the stuff of nightmares. Earwigs are one of those pests that has captured the imagination of adults and children alike as frightening creatures thanks to their scary pinchers. Even though the fear of these pests is largely overblown, an earwig infestation is still not something you want around your property. To keep these pests out, get pest control in Aubrey done the right way with assistance from Adams Exterminating Company.

Earwigs Are A Very Creepy-Looking Pest

Those rear pincers on an earwig’s body are known as forceps or cerci. In males, these pincers are curved, while in females, they are straight. It’s these creepy pincher attributes that lead people to think that having earwigs in your house will result in painful pinches to your skin. In truth, those rear pincers are used to help them grip onto leaves and branches so they don’t fall off when trying to feed on plant matter.

Even though they don’t directly harm humans, that doesn’t mean earwigs are desirable pests to have around. They can damage gardens, multiply quickly, and even attract spiders and other pests to your property. Like with all pest populations, you want to deal with an earwig infestation quickly so it doesn’t grow out of control.

Do Earwigs Really Get Into Your Ear? 

The name “earwig” comes from the misconception that these bugs will crawl inside people’s ears to lay eggs. Despite their name, earwigs don’t actually crawl into our ears. It’s an old urban legend that children have been scaring each other with on playgrounds for generations now, but that’s about it. Instead, earwigs are primarily garden pests, feeding on leafy plants or other food sources found in soils.

To sum things up, no, earwigs aren’t attracted to our ears any more than other kinds of pests. In fact, our ears contain wax that’s toxic to tiny lifeforms, so even if a bug did crawl up inside your ear canal (perish the thought!), they wouldn’t last long enough to burrow into your brain or whatever other horror story an older sibling or childhood bully might have told you in your more gullible years. All of this demonstrates why it’s better to turn to pest control experts who can separate fact from fiction and quickly address pest infestations, no matter how severe or potentially dangerous they might be.

Factors That Attract Earwigs To Your Property

Despite their fearsome reputation being quite exaggerated, earwigs are still a nuisance pest. They can chew through leafy plants and become prevalent in and around gardens. Plus, the larger their populations become outdoors, the more likely it is that they will find a way to get inside your home or business. That’s why you should address these factors on your property to reduce your risk of an earwig infestation: 

  • Yard Debris: Piles of dead leaves, branches, or other yard debris act as a built-in food source and nesting ground for yard pests like earwigs. You should keep your yard clear of debris to avoid attracting them.
  • Moisture: Earwigs are also attracted to moist areas, so yards that lack proper drainage or that feature water fountains and other artificial bodies of water can attract all kinds of pest problems.
  • Access: Earwigs are small, meaning they can fit through small cracks or other access points in the exteriors of buildings. You should regularly check for and fix cracks or holes and make sure your window and door screens are in good condition.

If you’d like help with all these earwig control measures, turn to Adams Exterminating Company today.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Earwigs In My House? 

When people do encounter earwigs or other pests in their homes, they tend to turn to store-bought insecticides or other treatments they think will be cheaper in the long run than professional pest control. But the problem with earwig sprays or other chemicals is that they can also be dangerous to you and your loved ones. They also aren’t likely to address the entire problem since the earwig eggs that also dot your property will need to be addressed too. Sprays typically won’t reach all the areas where these eggs are hidden, meaning the problem will come right back.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, you should turn to the trained professionals at Adams Exterminating for earwig control in Aubrey. We offer both interior and exterior treatments for home-invading pests like earwigs. This not only drives out existing infestations but also protects your property from future problems. So, have your earwig problem dealt with the right way by calling Adams Exterminating Company today.

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