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Tips To Avoid Mosquito Dangers In Lewisville

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There’s nothing quite like the obnoxious mosquito to completely ruin your outdoor fun and leave you and your guests with a very real kind of ‘buzz' kill.

Mosquito prevention is necessary during the summertime in Texas. If left unchecked, mosquitoes will continue to worsen over the coming months, relying on you and your loved ones for the blood meals that make their egg-laying possible. 

Worse still, these flying insects can transmit a number of diseases, including West Nile Virus, Zika, malaria, and the brain-swelling illness known as encephalitis. With such a high volume of sicknesses to be wary of, leaving mosquitoes to do as they please on your property is not a wise option. 

This summer, be aware of the biggest mosquito attractants and what you can do to keep the bulk of them away. 

Stave Off The Biting Blues 

There are several factors that will attract mosquitoes to your outdoor party or person. 

  • Sweat (lactic acid) and carbon dioxide will bring mosquitoes knocking, especially if there is a group of people. Large groups that are active out in the heat are most at risk. 
  • Mosquitoes prefer people wearing dark-colored clothing verses light-colored clothing. Shades of blue and black are the most attractive to hungry female mosquitoes. 
  • Mosquitoes love moisture, so expect large numbers after a day or two of rain. 
  • Mosquitoes will be most active at dawn and dusk when the sun isn’t as strong.

Despite the many risk factors, there are steps you can take to lower your risk for receiving more annoying, itchy bites. 

  • Wear long pants and light-colored and long-sleeved clothing while outdoors. 
  • Remove standing water as often as possible. Clean fountains often. 
  • Wear insect repellent on exposed skin or clothing articles. 
  • Keep a fan on during times you will be sitting outdoors. It only takes a light breeze to keep mosquitoes from landing and biting.

Not all mosquito attractant factors can be eliminated. Professional pest control is the best option to eliminate their presence in your yard. 

Adam’s Has It Taken Care Of 

If your yard is constantly getting swarmed by mosquitoes, our professionals here at Adam’s Exterminating Company have what it takes to stop your infestation in its tracks. Contact us today to receive your free property estimate and to speak with one of our friendly pest control operatives about your unique pest control needs. 

Our Home Guardian+ Plan offers the complete package of pest control treatments from Adam's, including seasonal mosquito treatments from March through October. But we don’t stop there, this service includes pest control service every other month, both interior and exterior service and guarantee, and even termite monitoring with Sentricon® technology. If you’ve got mosquitoes just waiting to ruin your summer, the wait for help is over. At Adam’s, we’re on your side!

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