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Tips To Avoiding German Cockroaches

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German Cockroach climbing a red surface

The German cockroach is very commonly found in apartments, homes, restaurants, and hotels. Cockroaches themselves are unsanitary and can spread bacteria and disease, but they are not always a result of unsanitary conditions – meaning, they will come into a home or restaurant even if it is kept tidy because there is access to food and water.

Cockroaches In Restaurants

If a customer spots a cockroach, your restaurant can quickly gain a bad reputation. People will refuse to pay for their meal if they see a cockroach; customers won't return; they'll spread the word about your "dirty" restaurant and the pests; health inspectors will frequently visit, and you are at risk for lawsuits. A cockroach is the last thing you want running out into the dining area of your restaurant.

Tips for Preventing German Cockroaches

To avoid problems with cockroaches in your restaurant, you should take steps to prevent them. It's especially difficult for a restaurant to prevent cockroaches because they only need a small amount of food to sustain them; your prevention measures start with good sanitation practices. Start with the following:

  • Empty trash daily from the restaurant.
  • Maintain clean outdoor dumpsters.
  • Run the garbage disposal and clean sinks and strainers thoroughly on a daily basis to remove food particles.
  • Wash and dry dishes thoroughly.
  • Wash all appliances used to prepare food several times per day to remove food and grease.
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors daily.
  • Keep food preparation areas free of crumbs.

Professional German Cockroach Pest Control

If you see signs of cockroaches or the pests themselves, don't waste any time. Call Adams Exterminating Company immediately for assistance. We will inspect the restaurant thoroughly to find obvious signs of infestation or ideal areas for cockroaches to live and breed. If nests are found, a special vacuum will be used to remove them. Then, products designed to eliminate cockroaches while being approved for use in food-preparation areas will be applied in cracks and crevices to provide long-term cockroach control. It is important that the pest control measures eliminate the cockroaches rather than simply send them into hiding, or worse – push them from the kitchen area into the dining areas where customers will see them! We'll also help by caulking cracks and crevices that could harbor cockroaches. We're experienced in helping restaurants control pests such as the German cockroach. Give us a call for cockroach elimination and prevention services.

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