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How Flies Get Into The Kitchen Around The Holiday Season

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Whether you are traveling to visit people, or people are traveling to you, one thing is certain this holiday season. There will be food. And, most likely, lots of it. Some people will even wait all year just for a slice of Grandma's famous apple pie, or Dad's triple-seasoned barbecue ribs. We all know that one dish we are most excited for. And so do the flies. It seems no matter how much we wave them away, they insist on joining the party. If only we could make a no-fly list for our homes where flies are banned. Well, as it turns out, there may just be a way to make that happen.

The No-Fly List

Before we get into how to make a no-fly list, let's first talk about the frequent flyers whose names will, for sure, be included.

Here in Lewisville, there are three types of flies, in particular, to be on the lookout for: house flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats. All are uniquely different, but they share one distinct thing in common, their ability to drive us crazy. If you have ever had a fly buzz up your nose, you understand how much of a nuisance they can be, but is that all they are? 

How Dangerous Are Flies?

This is a very good question. The truth is, each fly, poses its own unique problems. The least dangerous of the three is the fungus gnat. Not dangerous to humans or pets, the only threat fungus gnats pose is to your plants, where they burrow and feed to their heart's delight.

Fruit flies take a step up on the danger scale with their unsanitary feet, contaminating food and food-prep stations with disease and bacteria picked up from their less-than-clean living and travel arrangements.

Even filthier than fruit flies, house flies hold the number-one spot on this list. This is due to the extremely unsanitary, disease-ridden locations they are known to visit on any given day. These locations may include trash bins, excrement, and even rotting animal carcasses. Keep in mind the fact that they also love landing on our food, sometimes even while we are still enjoying it. If you have ever heard of cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, Salmonella, or E. coli, then you can be sure that you do not want these pests anywhere near your food.

How? Why? And What Now?

Flies will break into homes in several different ways for a number of reasons. Whether it’s your cooling plate of mashed potatoes, the pool of soda forgotten behind the couch, or simply the hanging potted plants in your kitchen, one thing is certain, there will always be a reason for flies to invade. Of course, there are ways to keep flies out such as keeping doors and windows closed as much as possible, fixing window screens, and repairing damaged weather stripping. However, this can only go so far, especially due to how small flies can be. Before you get discouraged, this is where the no-fly list comes in. Here at Adams Exterminating, we have just that. With top-of-the-line and affordable residential pest control services, no-fly lists can be a reality for your Lewisville home, so don’t worry about flies ruining your holidays, call Adams today.

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