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Do Centipedes Bite?

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Centipede on a white surface

Centipedes are long multi-legged arthropods that have long, flat bodies that are segmented. They are generally dark brown to a yellowish gray in color, of which some have darker strips or other markings. Contrary to its name that means 100, centipedes are known to have as few as 15 legs up to 100 or more. They can be pretty scary looking and can cause a panic as they scurry across floors, walls, and ceilings like something out of a horror movie. Knowing more about centipedes can ease your mind, as well as help you understand how to get rid of them.

So, do centipedes bite? Interestingly enough, they do have claw like mouthparts that contain a poison that they use to paralyze their prey. Centipedes prey on other insects and are helpful in eliminating them, but they are harmless to humans. Their jaws are typically not strong enough to inject their poison through people’s skin and their venom is rarely potent enough to cause any serious reaction. Centipedes are considered a nuisance pest and are not welcomed guests in most homes and businesses.

Preventing these creepy little creatures from invading your residence or commercial facility can be both tricky and time-consuming. However, you will want to prevent an infestation to avoid the troubles these pests can cause inside buildings.

To prevent centipedes from coming in you will need to close off all points of entry into your home or business by sealing off all cracks and crevices. Outside consider removing all the places that centipedes like to hide and live including trash cans, wooden boards, unneeded rocks, and compost piles.  Keep all inside areas dry, centipedes like areas of moisture and will congregate in damp basements, bathrooms, and attics.

The most effective and efficient way to eliminate centipedes is to call the trained pest control professionals at Adams Exterminating Company in Lewisville, Denton and our North Texas service areas. Our year-round pest control programs are specifically designed for and target pests like centipedes that are problematic in North Texas. It’s as easy as selecting the coverage level that best suits your needs and budget and we will take care of the rest with optimal solutions for all of your pest related problems. Get rid of your centipedes for good; give us a call today!

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