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Guide To The Two Types Of Rats In Denton

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brown mouse sitting in the corner of a brick wall

Bugs and spiders and wildlife rejoice! The coldest part of the early new year is the perfect time for these furry mammals to sneak into homes all across Denton. 
Here in hot, humid Texas, there are two types of rats that invade homes year-round. Brown Norway rats and black roof rats are plentiful in suburban areas and common all over the state. The physical descriptions of these two rodents are quite varied. Black roof rats are much smaller than Norway rats. Homeowners often mistake these invaders for mice. Massive Norway rats can measure up to eight or nine inches long, followed by a long six-inch tail. It’s nearly impossible to get these two creatures mixed up, which helps homeowners to understand the vital differences that separate the two creatures.

Norway (Brown) Rats VS. Roof (Black) Rats

Despite their differences, each one of these rodents creates a significant impact on a human's health and wellness.

  • Incidentally, the Norway rat isn’t actually from Norway. Although different breeds do exist, almost all pet and lab rats are related to the Norway rat in some manner. These big-boned mammals are fans of hiding in basements, under stairs, and around dark parts of a garage.
  • The Roof rat is believed to have originated in the Asian tropics. These tree-climbing terrors are said to have been responsible for the Bubonic Plague, also called the Black Death. This deadly virus destroyed between a third and one half of the entire population of England.

Both varieties of rats carry many diseases and parasites that are transferable to humans, as well as their own strains of illness secreted in their waste. The dangerous hantavirus can be contracted long after the death of one of these rodents. Roof rats and Norway rats alike can significantly damage property with their constant gnawing and long claws, ripping wood, plastics, insulation, and wiring apart in order to create the perfect nest.

To discover what variety of rat has come to reside in your home, get a no-obligation inspection from Adam’s Exterminating Company today.

Find Good Company In Adam’s Exterminating Company

The most effective pest control always begins with prevention, but when that window has passed, your need for extermination measures will rise dramatically. Items like bait, traps, and sticky tape can help to reduce populations slowly, but they will never stop a whole mischief (that’s a group of rats) from reproducing and continuing to take over your home. For the safe eradication of rat infestations in Denton, contact the professionals at Adam’s Extermination Company now.

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