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Why You Cannot Afford To Ignore Rodent Problems

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Imagine waking up, heading to the kitchen to get your morning started and as you open the cupboard up you find rodent droppings. You clean them up and move on. Then, the following morning you wake up only to discover more rodent droppings. For homeowners, there is not much worse than discovering you have rodents taking over your home. See types of rats here.

Life gets busy! You have to get your kids to school, practice, and games. Groceries need to be shopped for, errands sometimes seem never-ending. You have enough responsibility and when you add rodent infestations to the to-do list, things can get pretty hectic. Not only is a rodent infestation hard work, it’s actually quite dangerous as well!

Rodents are extremely unsanitary. As they roam free within your home they leave feces and urine behind. It’s primarily through a rodents waste that it spreads a pile of diseases and disease-causing pathogens. They are also extremely destructive, chewing constantly to keep their teeth short. Rodents are known to chew through wires and insulation creating potential fire hazards as well as pipes and hoses creating the potential for water damage. Of course, one of the biggest problems with rodents is their rate of reproduction. If gone unnoticed, they can reproduce very quickly, substantially increasing the risks that rodents present. If that’s not enough, rodents are also known to introduce other pests like fleas and ticks. Ticks themselves are associated with Lyme disease, a life-changing disease that is responsible for multiple inhibiting effects and even a risk of death. To say the very least, rodents are not an issue you want to push off or ignore. Learn more about common rodents here.

When it comes to rodents, getting rid of them on your own can be extremely difficult. More often than not, professional help is going to be needed and with professional help, you can be sure that your problem will be taken care of entirely. Getting rid of rodents depends on a lot of factors including conducive conditions, taking care of nests, and preventing them from getting in again. At Adams Exterminating Company our professional technicians are trained in the what causes these pests, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent them. When you sign up for residential pest control services, you are not only getting rid of rodents, you are protecting your home and family from a host of other pests as well. 

The first signs of an infestation are, of course, the rodent itself, but while you are around the house, keep an eye out for the signs above like droppings, chew marks, torn up materials and nesting sites. If you see any of them, reach out immediately and we can help! If you have questions or are curious to learn more about rodent control, call us today to request your free estimate! They may seem cute and cuddly to some, but take our word for it, rodents are a real threat, so don’t wait, call Adams Exterminating Company today!

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