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The Best Way To Treat Summer Fire Ants In Lewisville, Texas

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fire ant on a white rock

Lewisville is the perfect breeding ground for those little red fire ants that appear every summer. When the weather becomes hot and humid in the spring, these pests become more active and start to swarm and build their cone-shaped nests of dirt to begin the ritual of reproduction. The queens will hunker down in the nests and lay a large number of eggs that will grow the colony of members to an astronomically large population that can contain up to 300,000 workers, and that's in just one mound!

Fire ants prefer the wide open spaces of Texas farmland and other places that offer easy access to a food supply such as schools, playgrounds, and parks that are continually littered with food and crumbs. If these fire ant nests are disturbed, they will come out in force to attack in large numbers, repeatedly stinging their victims with venom, resulting in burning, raised bumps. The stinging or burning from these bites can last for hours or sometimes even days! Some people can have a negative reaction to fire ant venom and will need to seek medical attention immediately. More info on large black ants.

Though DIY fire ant control methods may seem like the answer to your problem, we assure you, they are not! These methods are often ineffective and can be very dangerous, so don’t waste your time by pouring boiling water into the want hills in your yard or put yourself in danger by trying to eliminate them with fire. In addition, as fast as you can eliminate them, they are just as fast building and growing their population, so attempting to eliminate fire ants with DIY control methods will prove to be a never-ending battle! If your yard is infested, you won’t be able to enjoy your yard or property until the fire ant problem is resolved.

Now that fire ants are at their peak numbers, the time for prevention has passed and active treatment has become a necessity. Homeowners who are dealing with huge fire ant infestations will need professional fire ant treatment. The professionals at Adams Exterminating Company in Lewisville can help! We can identify all of your pest problems and protect yourself, your home, and your yard from the common pests found in Lewisville, including fire ants, with one of our home pest control programs! Give us a call today for more information about our fire ant control at Adams Exterminating Company in North Texas! If you happen to be in Allen, checkout Allen Exterminators here.

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