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Paper Wasps Are All Over My North Texas Yard

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Of all the pest infestations Texas residents have to deal with, the one that reminds us of why professional pest control in North Texas is so important is the paper wasp. These nasty wasps pack a mean sting and are notorious for taking over entire yards and harming the people and pets that regularly visit that yard. Read on to learn how to identify a paper wasp infestation, five ways you can start preventing an infestation, and how Adam’s Exterminating Company can help you take your yard back from these pests today.

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?

It can be difficult to know which type of wasp you are dealing with, with all the different types of wasps that inhabit North Texas. Below are some of the identifying features of the paper wasp:

  • Size: Paper wasps are typically about 3/4 of an inch long, which might sound large, but they are not the biggest wasp in Texas.
  • Color: These wasps can be red, yellow, brown, or black. They can also be a mixture of all those colors. Sometimes, they will have red stripes.
  • Antennae: This specific type of wasp has antennae on its head.
  • Legs: With three legs on each side of their body, the paper wasp has a total of six legs.

It is important to note that different types of wasps have different numbers of individuals living within a nest. In this case, paper wasps have smaller nests, with roughly 20 to 30 adults, sometimes more, and never more than about 200 living in a single nest.

How Dangerous Are Paper Wasps?

Professional wasp removal is important because if you try to do it on your own, you could get stung. Unfortunately, paper wasp stings do more than just sting. The most dangerous part about having an infestation is that you might not know if you or your family are allergic to them. If you are stung, it will always start as a red bump, usually raised, and will produce sharp pain. Typically, if you are not allergic, the swelling and redness will recede within a few hours of being stung. If you are mildly allergic, the redness and swelling will increase and last several days. You may also experience vomiting and nausea. However, the real danger is when you are severely allergic; paper wasp stings can result in full-blown anaphylaxis shock, which can be fatal if medical intervention does not occur. Your pets and children are especially at risk.

Five Paper Wasp Prevention Tips 

While we recommend a professional handle the actual wasp removal, there are things you can do to actively prevent paper wasps from trying to set up shop in your yard.

Below are five things you can do today to help repel these pests from your home:

  1. Remove places where they’d normally build their nests: Go around your property and look for places that paper wasps find appealing and make it unappealing. You can do this by filling holes in the ground with soil and rocks, fixing broken fence posts and rails, and filling holes on walls and siding. All of these are places paper wasps like to build nests.
  2. Fix window screens: If paper wasps have started coming into your home, your first step should be to take stock of all your window screens. If there are any tears in them, replace them immediately.
  3. Grow specific plants: Not only are lemongrass, thyme, and basil yummy and fun to grow in your home garden, but they have been proven to repel paper wasps and can be a great addition to your prevention arsenal.
  4. Keep your yard clean: Regularly clean up your yard, clearing it of garbage, especially food waste, as this attracts paper wasps. If there is enough waste around, chances are these pests will build a nest there.
  5. Keep your trash cans secure: Garbage attracts wasps of all kinds. By securing your garbage bins, you prevent paper wasps from wanting to hang out in your yard.

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control

When it comes to pest control in North Texas, your best bet is to call us over at Adam’s Exterminating Company. Locally owned and operated since 1947, we have spent decades fine-tuning our ability to safely and effectively exterminate entire paper wasp infestations in North Texas yards. Our technicians have the skills and tools needed to complete this job in a safe, prompt manner, allowing you and your family and pets to get back to enjoying your yard. If paper wasps take over your home, let us help you take it back. Call us today!

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