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Mice Mishaps In Lewisville

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The type of pest you find yourself dealing with in Lewisville depends in large part on the season. For instance, mosquitoes are a big problem in summer, but we don’t have to think about them in the middle of winter. 

Where we find ourselves now, in mid to late fall, is the time of year when we need to start thinking about mice infestations. As the temperatures become cooler and food sources become scarcer, mice start looking for a warm place with plenty of food to spend the winter. That’s why they often find their way into Lewisville homes at this time of year.

How Do Mice Get Into Lewisville Homes?

If your house seems to be in good condition, you may wonder how a mouse could get inside in the first place. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much of an opening to welcome a mouse inside. Mice have flexible bone structures that allow them to enter a hole the size of a dime. Even a small crevice that starts out too small for a mouse can be gnawed away until it's large enough for the mouse to fit through.

It’s important when preparing your home for winter to take a careful look around the outside of your house to check for cracks, holes, crevices, and gaps. Seal or repair any that you find to make it more difficult for mice to get in.

Problems Mice Can Cause 

You may wonder if it's that big of a deal for mice to get into your home. Of course, you'd prefer they stay outside, but do they cause that many problems? In a word, yes. Some of the many mishaps they cause include:

  • Spreading disease - Mice can carry and transmit several dangerous illnesses, including typhoid, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and more. They spread disease by direct contact, such as bites and scratches. However, they can also transmit diseases through indirect contact, such as through their feces or by leaving germs behind wherever they walk.
  • Introducing parasites - Mice often have parasites in and on them when they get into your home. You could end up with fleas, ticks, or worms from an infestation.
  • Destroying your home - Mice chew constantly and will eat away at your wiring, insulation, walls, and even pipes and ductwork. Their feces and urine will also ruin your home, causing health problems, as well as potential mold issues.

How To Eliminate A Mouse Infestation In Your Lewisville Home

When you hear about the risks associated with a mouse infestation, it becomes easy to understand why you should eliminate them as soon as possible when they get inside. However, accomplishing that goal is easier said than done.

Setting out mouse traps has varied results. You may catch a mouse or two, but you’re unlikely to take care of an entire infestation. Bringing a cat home can help, but it could also just send the mice deeper into hiding while still destroying your house. DIY methods also run the risk of you getting injured or infected.

Your best and safest bet is to contact Adams Exterminating Company. We offer the most up-to-date techniques for trapping, baiting, and mouse-proofing your home. Don't delay! Contact Adams today. Allen pest control services are also available to our Allen residents.

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