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Are Fruit Flies Dangerous To Lewisville Residents?

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Typically, we don’t think of fruit flies as anything more than an annoyance. We see them flying around our Lewisville kitchens and just swat at them or squish them on the counter. But, as summer approaches, fruit flies become plentiful and can become much more than an annoyance. Though rare, fruit flies can contaminate our fruits and vegetables and make our families sick. If you find yourself with a fruit fly infestation, you can try DIY methods, but your best solution is to call a professional for help eliminating your home of these pests.

More Fruit Flies in Summer and Fall

The natural life cycle of the fruit fly precludes that they are larger in numbers in the summer and fall as they reproduce. However, our environment can contribute to their increasing numbers as well. In the warmer months, we tend to have more of the foods available that fruit flies thrive on. Sticky sweet fruits and veggies and refreshing summer beverages are a beacon to fruit flies.

Problems Fruit Flies Cause

Fruit flies are like the common house fly in their behavior. They buzz around and land wherever they wish, which can include garbage and animal feces, and then land on our counters and food. As they do this, they can transmit bacteria that we can pick up which can make us sick.

In addition, fruit flies ruin and contaminate the food they encounter causing us to have to throw it out. Food waste is a problem that no one wants to have to contend with.

Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

There are a few suggested DIY methods for getting rid of fruit flies that can appear to work. One of these includes creating a trap with the cut-off top of a soda bottle, inverting it into the bottle and placing a piece of fruit in the bottom. Another is using vinegar or a combination of a sweet liquid and dish soap in a shallow dish. While these types of traps will catch fruit flies, they are very unlikely to get rid of them all and will not prevent future fruit fly infestations.

At Adams Exterminating Company we offer residential pest control plans that will help keep your home free from fruit flies as well as many other common household pests. If you have a fruit fly problem or want to prevent one from happening in the future, call us today for a free home inspection and a plan to keep your Lewisville home pest free.

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