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All You Could Want To Know About The Little-Known Lewisville Millipede

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There are many pests that Lewisville residents encounter in their homes and businesses. From rodents to flies to spiders and more, there are many pests that you don’t want to deal with! One pest that is especially creepy because of its appearance is the millipede. When you think of a millipede, you likely think of a creepy crawling thing that has hundreds of legs. The truth is a little less extreme as millipedes really only have around 30 to 90 pairs of legs.

One misconception about the millipede is that it’s the same as the centipede. These two are often mistaken for one another and can be hard to tell apart. There Are few identifying characteristics that you can find that will let you know if you’re dealing with a millipede.

  • Millipedes range in color from orange to red to brown and black.
  • They have small antennae.
  • They are a long cylinder shape that appears somewhat warm.
  • They have dozens of legs.
  • Centipedes only have one pair of legs per body segment while millipedes have two.
  • A centipede's legs tend to stick out more from their body.
  • A millipede moves much more slowly than a centipede.

Are There Benefits To Millipedes?

While there are some pests that pose health risks to humans or cause property damage, there are others that are mostly just a nuisance. Millipedes are one of these nuisance pests. They can be gross to look at and unpleasant to have in your home, but they don’t pose a lot of risks. There are some species that can shoot fluid out of their bodies, but this fluid isn’t harmful to humans. It can be marginally harmful to pets, however.

Millipedes also have some benefits when they are found outside. In gardens, they can be helpful as they are useful in breaking down decaying plant matter. Overall, they are a pretty benign pest, and they aren’t likely to last for weeks indoors as this isn’t their ideal environment.

Preventing Millipedes

While millipedes might not be dangerous, this doesn’t mean they are welcome guests inside homes. They aren’t fun to look at and their appearance can be rather unsettling with their multiple legs and worm-like bodies. Having any kind of pest, even a nuisance pest, isn’t something that Lewisville residents want to have inside. Here are some things you can do to prevent millipedes from coming inside:

  • Reduce moisture: Millipedes are mostly attracted to an indoor space if it is really moist. By reducing moisture in your home using dehumidifiers or fixing broken pipes you can greatly reduce the likelihood of millipedes in your home. You can also reduce moisture outside your home or business by keeping lawns mowed to reduce water accumulating in the grass.
  • Remove debris: The other main way to prevent millipedes is to move debris from your yard such as leaf piles and firewood.

Getting Rid Of Millipedes

To prevent and eliminate pests such as millipedes or any other pest, the most effective method is to contact the team at Adams Exterminating Company. We have over 70 years of experience in the Lewisville area and we provide free estimates. Reach out to us today, we are happy to help!

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