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The Best Advice You Can Hear About Striped Bark Scorpions In Lewisville

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Most people shudder at the thought of scorpions in their home. They’re sometimes as big as a palm and have fat claws and poisonous stingers. For many Americans, the likelihood of one being around is very low. For others, and for Lewisville residents in particular, the chances are greater. Scorpions tend to seek shelter in human spaces when the weather is dry. Texans need to be on alert and take precautions. You can prepare now by learning how to identify and prevent these pests and know how Adams Exterminating Company can offer extra protection.

The Appearance, Behavior & Risks of Striped Bark Scorpions

Of the various kinds of scorpions, the striped bark species are the most common in Lewisville. They’re normally yellow or tan with two long, black stripes on their stomachs. They have two large pincer claws, eight legs, and an arched tail with a stinger. Preferring shade and darkness, they’re active and do their hunting at night. Insects, lizards, and mice are what they like to have for dinner. While they must have water to survive, they can go months without eating. Seeing them at all, but especially during the day, is the main and only sign of infestation.

By nature, they’re outdoor creatures and live under logs, rocks, and debris. They will only try to head inside if the climate is unfavorable or they’re running short on food. Openings around things such as windows, foundations, doors and plumbing are typically how they enter. From there, they’ll hang out in shoes, basements, garages, bathrooms and underneath cabinets.

When it comes to striped bark scorpions, being stung is what humans have to worry about the most. The stings cause pain with swelling, itching or numbness at the source. Subsequent reactions depend on the age and health of the individual. If the person is a child, elderly or proves to be allergic to scorpion toxins, they might vomit or have difficulty breathing. No matter the age or circumstance, it’s wise to seek medical attention if stung.

Preventing Striped Bark Scorpions

There are a few ways to reduce the probability of a scorpion sighting on your property. The majority of methods entail landscaping and doing interior repairs:

  • Look over boxes, wood, and outdoor furniture before bringing them inside.
  • Fix any water leaks and resolve plumbing issues .
  • Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep inside conditions from being ideal for scorpions.
  • Maintain your lawn and greenery, and keep wood, rocks and plants at least two feet away from your property.
  • Seal holes and gaps around walls, window frames and screens, doors and utility lines.

Adams Exterminating Company’s Striped Bark Scorpion Control 

Striped bark scorpions can be challenging to get rid of independently. They are very resilient and often go undetected because they operate in the dark. Adams Exterminating Company is equipped for the task though. We’ve been conquering insects and creatures since 1947.

To free your Lewisville property of scorpions, we’ll first do an inspection to find out how they got in to begin with. We’ll also locate their moisture and food sources. Then we’ll make recommendations and do what’s necessary. It may involve applying insecticides and chemicals. Don’t worry; our products are eco-friendly and pose no harm to children, pets, or those with health conditions.

For continued care, you can consider one of our subscription plans. Some include warranties, interior service guarantees, and exterior treatments. They’re fashioned to address pests that frequent Lewisville. The best part is that some plans cost as low as $30 a month! Commercial business owners can also take advantage of our offers. Call us today for a free estimate!

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