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Rodent Prevention Tips That Don't Work

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There is so much information on the internet these days, and much of it is worthy of skepticism. For instance, you can find a plethora of pest prevention tips out there, but many of them are not very realistic to try, and most of them simply do not work. One group of pests that seem to generate a lot of worthless advice are rodents. Texas rats and mice cause a lot of trouble by leaving feces and urine everywhere they go, spreading harmful bacteria, and bringing parasites into homes. This makes it imperative that they are eradicated from homes and businesses, but what methods should you avoid trying, even if you've heard good things?

Let’s start with everyone’s go-to DIY method for getting rid of rodents, mouse and rat traps. These types of traps don’t always set correctly, and oftentimes deploy at the wrong time or not at all when the rodent is on it. Occasionally a rodent will only get partially caught and can be found running around with the trap on its leg, tail, or nose. Glue traps are pretty unreliable and difficult as well. Once a rodent is stuck on the glue paper they don’t die right away, and eventually, someone needs to dispose of it. Worst of all, in the end, these traps may catch a few rodents, but you can not be sure that all of the rodents are gone.

Maybe you have heard owning a cat to take care of a rodent problem is a great solution. However, not many cats can get into the places that the rodents hide in. So the rodents will scurry along and duck into holes and crevices that allow them to escape the grasp of a feline. So, in the end, you still have no guarantee that all of the rodents are gone.

There are Big rats in Texas, therefore, Keeping your home clean and keeping food put away can help keep mice away. However, food and filth are not the only things that attract rodents to your home. Your home provides protection, warmth, shelter, and water. Not only that, rodents are capable of gnawing through even the most sturdy food containers and lids. Where there is a will, rodents will find a way with their sharp teeth and claws. Thus even keeping a clean home can still fail to prevent a rodent from settling in. 

These three examples are actually the best DIY methods for rodent prevention, but they're still not guaranteed. Rodents breed extremely fast, and even the threat of a cat may not be enough to frighten off a settled infestation. When rodents infest a home, the only solution that is known to completely eliminate them and keep them at bay is through pest control professionals like those found at Adams Exterminating Company of North Texas. Our home pest control programs include mouse and rat control, we also offer stand-alone rodent control service for residences and businesses alike, and we won't quit until the pests are gone. For experienced rodent control in Denton, Lewisville, and North Texas, contact us today. Visit types of rats in Texas.

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