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Have Scorpions Invaded My Home?

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Scorpions are among some of the most intimidating pests, mainly due to their long, arched tails that have a stinger at the end. Scorpions are tan in color and have black stripes across their backs, though they may be faint. They also have two front pincers and four legs, allowing them to move about rather quickly. These pests can have a quite intimidating appearance with their large pincers and elongated, stinging tails. However, whether you find these pests frightening to look at or not, one thing is for sure: you definitely not one you want to find these pests inside your home!

It’s often wondered just how dangerous scorpions are. While these pests are not known to bite, they do sting. The symptoms of these stings can vary by the individual and the type of scorpion that delivered the sting. The most common scorpion found in North Texas is the striped bark scorpion. These scorpions use their stingers as a way to kill their prey and for self-defense. Their stings typically cause temporary pain and a burning sensation, similar to that of a bee sting; swelling and redness may also occur. Scorpion stings can also cause allergic reactions which can lead to anaphylactic shock in some individuals. It’s important to seek medical attention immediately if you are stung by a scorpion. Also see, types of scorpions in Texas.
These nocturnal pests thrive in dry weather and prefer to live in areas with warm, arid climates. When living outdoors, they will create their homes under rocks, logs, or other organic debris, oftentimes burrowing into soil. However, when the climate becomes extremely dry, scorpions may enter homes and buildings in search of a more cool, moist location. Inside homes, you may find these pests in your attic or crawl spaces. However, like we mentioned above, scorpions are nocturnal so they may remain unnoticed for a period of time.
To prevent scorpions from entering your home, it’s important to know how they find their way inside. Like many pests, scorpions will enter your home through any openings they can find. To keep scorpions out of your home, check for rips in your window and door screens, cracks in your foundation, or any other holes or gaps in the exterior of your home that they could use to get inside. Seal or caulk any openings that you find to help keep your home safe from pests. The other important prevention tip you should adhere to when it comes to dealing with scorpion problems is to remove any debris around your home and property that scorpions could use as shelter. All wood piles, stones, trash, and other potential scorpion hiding places should be moved away from your house.
If you are dealing with scorpions in your home, contact a professional pest control company immediately. Live in Allen, visit Pest control in Allen TX. These pests are extremely difficult to get rid of and trying to deal with them on your own can result in lots of frustration and can be dangerous, not to mention, DIY treatments oftentimes do more harm than good! Instead, reach out to the professionals at Adams Exterminating Company. We will come inspect your home to help prevent pests from entering as well as eliminate any pests you currently have in your home. Our technicians will return every other month to assure you have a pest-free home. Contact us at Adams Exterminating Company in Lewisville today to learn more about our residential pest control options.

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