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Are You Having A Hard Time With Carpet Beetles In Keller?

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brown and black beetle on a cream colored surface

Carpet beetles are a significant nuisance pest in Keller homes. Their larvae eat fabrics and other related materials, causing much damage. And unfortunately, infestations can be hard to stop once they’re going. That’s why Adams Exterminating Company offers pest control in Keller. We know how to get carpet beetles out of your home so your belongings can stay safe. 

What Is Causing These Carpet Beetles To Come Inside My House?

Adult carpet beetles often come inside homes in the spring and summer months to lay their eggs. They find a way inside through open windows, cracks in the walls, and other small openings. These bugs can be hard to see because of their coloring, so you might miss them if you aren’t looking. Black carpet beetles, brown carpet beetles, and varied carpet beetles are all common species in Texas. Black and brown carpet beetles are colored as their name describes; varied beetles have a mottled brown and black pattern on their backs.

Although adult carpet beetles feed on nectar and pollen, their larvae eat fabric materials, so that’s where they lay eggs. These pests thrive when left alone, so they often target stored items. However, you might see gatherings of beetles around windows, which can be a sign of a carpet beetle infestation.

How Much Damage Can Carpet Beetles Do In My Home?

Unfortunately, carpet beetle larvae can do some severe damage. Materials like wool, furs, silk, and leather are susceptible to damage. Because the eggs are laid in warm months, and carpet beetles like isolation, items left in storage are at the most risk. Boxes of winter coats and old rugs aren’t the only targets, though. Carpet beetles will lay eggs in piles of pet hair, furniture, and carpets.

Larvae can spend sixty or more days in that stage of development—at least two months of them eating through your household items. And if the infestation is missed and not treated in time, those larvae will grow up and lay their eggs in your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Carpet Beetles In My House?

There are ways to prevent carpet beetle infestations. It’s more challenging to get rid of carpet beetles than it is to keep the infestation from happening in the first place.

  • Launder items before storing them away

Before putting away winter clothing, rugs, or other susceptible items, ensure they’re thoroughly clean. This way, any eggs that might have been laid already can be taken care of before things are stored.

  • Store items in airtight, close-fitting containers

If the beetles can’t get to your stored items, they won’t lay eggs there. It’s that simple. Rather than leaving things in open boxes or containers, ensure they’re sealed away snugly.

  • Move furniture around and vacuum regularly.

Moving your furniture occasionally helps expose potential hiding and breeding places for carpet beetles. Eggs are more likely to be at the edges of rugs than in the middle; dust collecting underneath couches can also be a convenient spot. You can eliminate as many carpet beetle hiding places as possible by shifting things around once in a while and keeping dust from piling up.

The best carpet beetle treatment is to call in a professional. Carpet beetles can be tricky to get rid of once an infestation has begun. That’s why Adams Exterminating Company has treatment options for carpet beetles in your Keller home. We want to protect your belongings, home, and family, so we work hard to keep pests away. Call today so that Adams Exterminating Company can meet your Keller pest control needs!

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