Are You Struggling To Deal With Rodents In Your Frisco Home?

There are several rodent pests in Frisco. Rodents can come into your yard and damage your lawn. The rodents that do this are voles and gophers. Some rodents scamper around in your backyard and cause minor damage to screens and other building materials. Can you guess which rodents do this? They are chipmunks and squirrels. These rodents may also get into your home but they won't stay permanently. While it is certainly not good to have a rodent infestation, even for a short period, it is better than an ongoing infestation that keeps growing. The worst of all rodent pests are rats and mice. They get into Frisco homes, explore every level, and increase their numbers. As their population grows, health risk and the potential for property damage also grows. Let's look at signs of common rodents in Frisco, discuss the risks domestic rodents present, and the safest way to get rid of these different rodents. If you currently have a rodent problem and want immediate assistance, jump to our contact page for trusted rodent pest control in Frisco. You don't have to read an article about rodent control to get a solution to your rodent problem! We have friendly and highly trained professionals available to help you. With that said, let's get into our topics for today.

Signs Of Rodents In Your Home

We're going to look at the three types of rodents listed above. Each category is somewhat unique.

Lawn Rodents: When voles or gophers come into your yard, that is where they'll stay. But they aren't harmless. They can do a number on your lawn. The signs of an infestation are obvious. You may see runways in your lawn or damage to tree bark at the base of trees, if you're dealing with voles in your yard. If you're dealing with gophers, you'll see holes, dead grass, and damaged plants.

Yard Rodents: When chipmunks or squirrels explore your property, they will not damage your lawn. They can, however, damage your home in subtle ways. They may chew on screens, weatherstripping, door sweeps, eaves, and other building materials. But you don't need this damage to tell if you have chipmunks and squirrels in your yard. You'll see them. These rodents are diurnal, which means they're active during the day. Here is a quick pro tip for these pests: Remove bird feeders or move them well away from your exterior walls. Often, chipmunks and squirrels become a problem when they find seeds next to the exterior of a home. You may find a simple solution by removing this food source.

Home-Invading Rodents: When roof rats, Norway rats, or house mice come into your yard, you can expect them to enter your home. The only one of the three that might establish a nest in your yard is the Norway rat. These rats often create ground burrows underneath piles of junk or in areas of tree coverage. But even when Norway rats create a burrow in a yard, they'll likely enter the home to search for food. The primary way to detect rats and mice is droppings. You'll find their black droppings hidden behind or underneath appliances, in the backs of kitchen drawers and cabinets, or on shelves in your pantry. If you're feeling adventurous, you may go up into your attic and look for droppings sprinkled on your insulation.     

We often get calls for rats and mice after residents hear noises in walls or see a rodent. We don't recommend waiting until you hear or see rodents. Rats and mice can live in your home and avoid detection for months or even years. If they do, they can impact your health without you realizing it.

Health Risks That Rodent Infestations Pose

There are many ways rats and mice can impact your health without you knowing. We're not going to dwell on this point, but you should know the risks.

  • Rodents chew on wires and may cause a house fire. Experts estimate that 80 to 85 percent of property fires that spark from unknown sources are likely related to rat and mouse infestations.

  • Rodents run around in sewers and climb in dumpsters and trash cans. As they move about in urban areas, they may pick up harmful bacteria and parasitic worms. These invisible organisms can cause flu-like symptoms.

  • Rodents pick up ticks and fleas. As they move about in your home, they can leave these pests in your home. Ticks can potentially transmit diseases with life-long health implications, such as Lyme disease and meat allergy.

  • Rodents create holes in your exterior that can allow moisture to get in. A moisture problem can lead to a mold problem resulting in respiratory issues.

These are far from the only ways rats and mice may present risks to your health, but our goal isn't to get you thinking about all the ways these rodents can harm you. We want you to understand the secret dangers of having a rodent infestation. As the population of rodents increases inside your home, their ability to impact your health and/or damage your property increases with them. 

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Rodents In Frisco

When rats and mice become a problem, some turn to over-the-counter rodent control. These products can help to control rodents in Frisco. If they didn't, people wouldn't buy them. Unfortunately, they can not only fall short but can actually cause harm.

  • Certain repellents used to control rodents can harm humans. If you apply a harmful product in areas that humans or pets enter, sickness may result.

  • Bait products designed to exterminate rodents can harm children or pets exposed to these materials.

  • Springs traps or snap traps control rodents but can also harm the little fingers of children when placed in areas where children explore. 

  • When you apply rodent control, you can put your family at risk, no matter what products you use. Failing to control rodents can allow them to continue to secretly infest your home and do the harmful things listed above.

A rodent control professional uses tamper-resistant bait traps to make sure children, pets, and untargeted wildlife do not get exposed to the baits. Your technician will place traps on the interior of your home in areas where your kids and pets can't easily access them. If there is a concern for accidental exposure, your technician will take greater measures to put traps where they won't cause harm. 

Along with these safety measures, your technician will apply other products and methods to get control of rodents. Rats and mice are clever animals. It often takes a multi-pronged treatment strategy to remove them from structures and keep them out. Many products we use are all-natural solutions, such as sealing entry points with copper mesh, metal flashing, or caulking material to keep rodents out. We focus on controlling targeted pests with the least amount of control materials.

The best reason to get professional rodent control is that we perform necessary follow-up visits to monitor the success of your program and ensure no rodents remain inside your home. Our technicians have the training and experience to find the subtle signs of a rodent infestation. If you're in Frisco, connect with Adams Exterminating Company for rodent control.

Adams Exterminating Company Can Help Keep Pests Away From Your Home For Good

Once the rodents are gone, or long before you have a rodent problem, year-round pest control from Adams Exterminating Company can keep rodents and other pests out of your home. With over 75 years of providing effective pest control in North Texas, we've developed comprehensive solutions for common pests in Frisco.

It is easy to get started. We provide a free home estimate. After your estimate, we may direct you to one of our service plans designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Perimeter Pest Control stops pests before they get inside. You get six exterior services throughout the year that provide what your exterior needs in every season.

  • Home Guardian Pest & Termite Control adds wasp and hornet control and effective termite monitoring and colony elimination. When you step up to this service plan, your home is covered by our termite service warranty.

  • Home Guardian Pest & Termite Control + Mosquitoes adds exactly what you might think. If mosquitoes concern you, the seasonal mosquito control provided in this service plan will help you take your backyard back. It will also guard your family against mosquito-borne viruses and parasites that can impact the health of your dog or cat.

Pest control makes life nicer. It also provides a level of protection for your health and property. If you have any questions we did not address in this article, feel free to connect with us. We love helping families solve pest problems, and our knowledgeable service team members are familiar with all the pests that get into  Frisco homes. We can direct you to the answers you're looking for and help you find the relief that comes with expert pest control. We're here to help!

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