Common Ants In Our Area

We've got plenty of ants in the Lewisville, Denton, North Texas area to go around. Some of these ants, like fire ants and carpenter ants, can cause severe problems, while others are more of a nuisance.

Common ant species you may run across in your home include:

When you're looking at ant pest control in North Texasit's important to focus on all ants, but fire ants, carpenter ants, and pharaoh ants are particularly vital to keep away. Fire ants swarm and sting, carpenter ants can damage wooden structures, and pharaoh ants spread dangerous bacterial diseases. That means these three species are more than a nuisance. They can become a threat to either your property or your health.

up close image of a carpenter ant crawling on wood
a pharaoh ant infestation

Our Ant Control Offerings

Here at Adams Exterminating Company, we offer several options for indoor and outdoor ant control. When you call us, we will usually arrive within a day or two of your request for service – if not the same day. Upon arrival, our residential pest control service tech will assess your situation and devise an action plan to help rid your home of whatever species of ant is invading it.

We offer two primary control methods, liquid sprays and bait products, to kill the existing infestation and prevent a new one from taking its place. These effective ant control solutions can rid your home of all its ants within a few days. And if you still have problems with ants, we can come out for additional retreatments until we solve the problem completely. Our follow-up visits are usually free of charge and made promptly upon request.

How To Prevent Ant Infestations

You don't have to wait until you get an infestation to keep ants away. You also don't have to rely on inferior over-the-counter ant control solutions to deal with ant problems after the fact – not when you can prevent an ant infestation before it starts.

Physically excluding ants from your Lewisville, Denton, North Texas home is next to impossible. These tiny insects will always find a way in because they are small enough to squeeze into cracks and holes you can't see, and they tell others where to find entry.

You're much better off going with the strategy of reducing ant attractants around your home. Get rid of the things attracting them, and ants will leave, looking for easier pickings elsewhere. To make your home a more hostile place for ants:

  • Always store pantry foods in airtight containers.
  • Clean up immediately after meals, and never leave dirty dishes in the sink.

  • Never leave pet foods or pet bowls sitting out.

  • Vacuum and wipe surfaces frequently to reduce crumbs and smears.

  • Cover indoor and outdoor garbage cans with tight lids at all times.

  • Take care of moisture issues in your home, like condensation or leaky pipes.

Following these ant prevention tips can reduce or even eliminate the food and moisture that ants need. And if you take away what they need to thrive, you take away their motivation to come sniffing around your house. 

Ant-Free Living Is Just A Click Or Call Away

If you wind up with an ant infestation despite your best efforts, don't put your faith in ineffective and potentially dangerous ant control products that you can buy from a store. These products typically do little more than kill enough of the ant colony to make them move their nest a few feet away from its original spot. Then, they just breed the next generation and come back in full force.

The only way to truly eliminate the entire ant colony from your property is to trust the residential and commercial pest control experts here at Adams Exterminating Company. Our ant experts know how to safely and effectively eliminate the heart of the colony – the queen – so it cannot just bounce back after a few weeks. So if you're ready for an ant-free life, give us a call or visit our contact page to get started. 

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