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No matter where you live, pests will always be a problem that you have to deal with at some point or another. Here in Addison, home and business owners deal with pest threats of all shapes and sizes. Rodents, insects, spiders, and many other pests are always searching for ways to invade your property as they search for food, water, and shelter. Keeping your Addison property pest-free isn’t as easy as it might seem, but it can be when you have help from the qualified pest technicians here at Adams Exterminating Company. We offer comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services to eliminate and prevent pests. If you’re ready for effective pest control services, contact the licensed pest experts here at Adams Exterminating Company today. 

Home Pest Control In Addison, TX

At Adams Exterminating Company, our goal is to protect your Addison home and family from the effects of dangerous, damaging, and disease-spreading pests. We understand that each home requires a unique plan to keep pests away, year-round, which is why we offer three different home pest control plans to meet the needs of your home and budget. 

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  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Home Guardian (Pest & Termite Control)

  • Home Guardian + (Pest & Termite Control + Mosquitoes)

Each of our residential pest control plans is designed with your needs in mind and includes 6 exterior services, bi-monthly service visits, and protection from a wide range of general pest problems. Contact Adams Exterminating today to keep your Addison home protected year-round.

Commercial Pest Control In Addison, TX

If pests are threatening the success of your Addison business, it’s time to invest in comprehensive commercial pest control services from Adams Exterminating Company. We work closely with our business partners to ensure that pests are kept away from business buildings throughout every season. Rodents, cockroaches, termites, and many other pests can infest your property, damage your inventory, and ruin your reputation. However, with the pest technicians here at Adams Exterminating Company by your side, you can rest easy knowing your commercial facility is protected. Give us a call today for more information about how we identify and treat commercial pest infestations.

Common Ants Found In Addison, TX

carpenter ant eggs on kitchen counter

Ants are annoying insects that contaminate food products and can cause many problems if they invade your Addison home or business building. Although ants aren’t typically considered dangerous pests, they are still a nuisance you don’t want to deal with. Whether you’re tired of seeing ant trails across your kitchen floor or you don’t want to step on a fire ant mound in your lawn, ant control and prevention from Adams Exterminating Company is a good step for any property owner to take. Some of the most common ant species in Addison include:

To avoid the stress that ants can cause, contact the pest professionals here at Adams Exterminating Company for effective pest control services and treatment options. No matter what type of ant problem you’re dealing with, we have what it takes to eliminate them. Give us a call today to request your free estimate.

What Every Addison, TX Resident Ought To Know About Termites

There are a few things that most everyone knows about termites, such as the fact that these small insects work together to create significant damage. Avoiding termite damage in your Addison home or business comes down to reducing factors that might attract these pests in the first place. Excess moisture, direct wood-to-soil contact, and decaying wooden materials are all resources that could attract termites to your property. However, it’s important to understand more about termites than just the fact that they can cause massive damage to the structure of your home or business building. Here are a few things you should know about termites here in Addison.

  • Termites are most active in areas that are warm. Unfortunately, our Texas climate tends to be on the warmer side, year-round, which means termites are a year-round threat. 

  • Termites never sleep and are active 24/7. This means that termites are always working to destroy your property.

  • Some termite infestations include multiple colonies. Depending on how long termites have been infesting your property, you could have 2 or more termite colonies in different portions of your building. 

  • Termite prevention tips can deter termites from invading your Addison home or business. Although prevention strategies won’t always keep your property 100% protected, they’re still a good way to minimize potential termite activity. 

Don’t wait for termites to weaken the structure of your property, reach out for immediate pest protection from Adams Exterminating Company. We have the resources and termite control solutions you need to keep your Addison property free of termites year-round. Contact us today for more information about our termite control programs.

Three Things You Can Do To Minimize Mosquitoes In Addison

mosquito up close on counter top

This summer, you will probably experience an increase in mosquitoes around your Addition property. These pests are on the search for the human blood that the females require in order to reproduce, which can leave you covered in itchy bites that are uncomfortable and potentially very dangerous. In order to reduce your exposure to them, try these three things you can do right away:

  • Maintain a tidy yard. Keep your lawn trim, scale back hedges and trees, and avoid overwatering.
  • Make some personal habit changes. Ditch scented laundry detergent and perfumes, limit alcohol consumption, and stay indoors at night.
  • Look for water. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water so make sure that no still water collects in areas like grill covers and flower pots.

To increase your level of protection from mosquitoes, Adams Exterminating Company can help. We provide two key services that allow you to enjoy your property once again. With routine backpack misting treatments, we’re able to address all of the hard-to-reach areas around your property to reduce mosquito populations. We can also install the In2Care system, which provides continuous support by spreading an EPA-approved biological agent to female mosquitoes. For more information on mosquito prevention, contact us today.

What Everyone Should Know About Dangerous Spiders In Addison

spider on window screen

While spiders are a prevalent pest in the Addison area, there are two species that are very common and very dangerous. The black widow and brown recluse spider loiter around the area and are capable of inflicting very serious harm on the area’s residents. The black widow is perhaps the most well-known because of its depictions in popular culture and iconic red hourglass stamp. The brown recluse is typically a light brown color, has a violin shape stamp, and has six eyes, making it one of the most adept hunting spiders.

The female black widow is most well known for weaving her web, where she waits for prey to walk by before injecting her venom, while the brown recluse is often on the move. Neither spider actively seeks human contact; however, given their feasting habits, it’s likely that homeowners will come into contact with either based on their whereabouts. Outside of the home, both types of spiders can be found in garages or sheds, underneath porches, and amidst brush and rock piles, while inside the home, black widows prefer closets and basements, while the brown recluse is usually on the move. For reliable spider protection, contact the pros at Adams Exterminating Company today. 

Why Summer Tick Prevention Is Essential For Addison Homes

Professional assistance with tick prevention is one of the smartest decisions that Addison homeowners can make to protect the people and pets around them. Tick season is a potentially dangerous time of the year for residents because these pests are capable of spreading some very serious health risks. Ticks are associated with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, and Lyme disease, to name a few. Another key issue that ticks present is that while only certain species are linked with certain health issues, it’s impossible to tell simply by looking at a tick if they are carrying the pathogens that cause those problems, because not all ticks do. In addition to limiting exposure to these harms, professional tick prevention is also simply the most effective way to address them.

Ticks access properties in a multitude of ways that can include latching onto rodents and wildlife, pets, or personal belongings. From there, their populations can grow exponentially. It’s impossible for the average homeowner to eliminate these issues on their own or even take all of the necessary steps toward prevention that still don’t guarantee results. At Adams Exterminating Company, we provide seasonal tick prevention that allows homeowners to relax and restores their peace of mind. For more information on these services, call us today.

The Problem With Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control In Your Addison Home

It’s not uncommon for Addison homeowners to spot a mouse or other rodent, think that’s the entire issue, and try to handle it themselves. However, if rodents appear in your home, do-it-yourself techniques are not the approach you should take. These methods fail to account for the likelihood that your rodent infestation is usually much larger than an individual member, given their ability to reproduce every few months. Rodents are also able to slip through dime-sized openings, use sewer systems, or even scale rooflines, all of which are either difficult or impossible for the average homeowner to access.

DIY methods fail to address the root cause of rodent problems and allow current and future infestations to perpetuate. Rodents have developed a dependent relationship with people and many homeowners are completely unaware of this fact. Whether it’s small leaks around your home or simply having garbage in the kitchen that you need to remove, there is always something enticing to rodents about your property. Products that you can purchase at the hardware store are incapable of breaking this cycle. For more information on reliable rodent control, contact Adams Exterminating today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have you been in business?

We are a family owned, locally operated pest control company that has been in business since 1947. During the past seventy years, our company has expanded its service area while continuing to provide exceptional customer service.

What are your hours?

Our offices in both Lewisville, TX and Denton, TX are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

How do I get started?

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate! Regardless of your pest issue, contact us today to speak with one of our technicians. To make a plan, one of our licensed service technicians will come to your home or business and perform a thorough inspection of your property. Then, we will work with you to come up with a solution that meets your needs.

Do you offer plans or bundles?

Yes, we offer three different plans designed to meet your needs and your budget. Our perimeter, Home Guardian, and Home Guardian Plus are all designed to bundle your pest control treatment into a package that fits your needs. If there isn’t a plan that works for you, don’t worry, we will customize one that fits your unique needs.

Are your services guaranteed?

We pride ourselves in offering services that solve your pest control problems. Many of our treatments are backed with a service guarantee, so if the problem persists, we will be back to treat again at no extra charge. We plan to continue our trend the impeccable service which resulted in an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Do you offer termite control?

Yes, both our Home Guardian and Home Guardian Plus plans offer termite control using the proven Sentricon® System with Always Active™ along with a termite service warranty.

Do you offer pest control to businesses?

Yes, we offer both residential and commercial pest control. We will work with the needs of your business to ensure that pests are not a problem. Furthermore, we understand the State of Texas’s Health and Safety Codes when it comes to pesticide use and pest control.

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