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How Lewisville Residents Can Tell If They Have a Spider Infestation

March 26, 2019

long legged house spider lerking in the dark of a close off space in a lewisville home

We’ve all seen spiders in our homes before. Maybe it’s a small house spider hanging in the corner or one that goes skittering across the wall and behind a piece of furniture. Much of the time these sightings don’t indicate a large-scale problem. Sometimes, however, they do. Below we’ll discuss how Lewisville residents can tell if they have a spider infestation.... Read More

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How to Prevent Fleas Around Your Lewisville Home This Spring

February 28, 2019

flea on lewisville residents skin and hair

Spring is around the corner, which means fleas are too. Fleas can be a potential threat year-round in Lewisville, so you will soon start noticing an increase in their activity as the weather warms. Invasions will start coming through your door and homeowners should be prepared for this. With the right prevention measures in place, fleas will be less attracted to your property and less likely ... Read More

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How Denton Pet Owners Can Prepare Themselves for Tick Season

February 13, 2019

tick on a leaf

There are pests that seek out your home for shelter and warmth, or even come for your food, and then there are pests that are looking specifically for you or your pets. Ticks are external parasites that feed on both your and your pet’s blood for their food source. These pests and the dangers they pose have increased significantly within the past few years.... Read More

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