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a cockroach infestation on a bowl of rice sitting on a denton kitchen counter top during clear day light

Protecting Your Denton Home From Cockroaches This Summer

August 30, 2019

How indestructible are cockroaches? This question has been around for a very long time. Many scientists speculate that cockroaches may be the last species to survive on earth if any catastrophic event were to happen, but does that mean they are impossible to kill? Not exactly....

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house fly on a kitchen counter

Guide To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Home

May 24, 2018

We have all become accustomed to flies. We will often times just swat them away and move on like they are no big deal. We know they are annoying, but should we be so careless about house flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats inside our homes and outside at our barbecues?...

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carpenter ant crawling on water damaged wood

Carpenter Ants: Little Pest, Big Problems

May 10, 2018

Ants of Texas When someone says termite, we all sit up and take notice because of the damage they can cause, but do we always take carpenter ants seriously? We often take for granted the seriousness of these small ants, but in all reality, they can do just as much damage as termites in some cases....

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odorous house ant on plant

How To Get Rid Of Odorous House Ants

April 19, 2018

There are many different kinds of ants. When we see one, our typical response is to step on it, sweep it up and call it good. Next thing you know, you are smelling rotten coconuts and can't figure out where the smell could be coming from. Where is this smell coming from? Most likely, that ant you just stepped on was an odorous house ant....

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